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Report Run On: May 16, 2011

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserAvg. Sessions Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
133473063222838MLL371_7140_SP2011MLL 371 20th Century Russian Literature and Politics (01.7140/RUSS311_7139) SP2011Elaine Rusinko
245226351517528RUSS415_7157_SP2011RUSS 415 Political Russian (01.7157) SP2011Steven Young
362216881412031RUSS202_3204_SP2011RUSS 202 Continuing Russian I (01.3204) SP2011Vira Zhdanovych
466131832910922RUSS102_3203_SP2011RUSS 102 Basic Russian II (01.3203) SP2011Elaine Rusinko
57531623198517RUSS102_7398_SP2011RUSS 102 Basic Russian II (02.7398) SP2011Elaine Rusinko, Vira Zhdanovych
6765999128318RUSS302_3206_SP2011RUSS 302 Continuing Russian III (01.3206) SP2011Steven Young
779570197722RUSS402_3212_SP2011RUSS 402 Advanced Russian II (01.3212) SP2011Vira Zhdanovych
892459511549RUSS350_3208_SP2011RUSS 350 Russian Complementary Reading (01.3208) SP2011Elaine Rusinko, Vira Zhdanovych
910272598329RUSS304_3207_SP2011RUSS 304 Intermediate Russian Conversation II (01.3207) SP2011Vira Zhdanovych
10106736214257RUSS300_3205_SP2011RUSS 300 (3205) - Special Projects in Russian Language SP 2011Saveliy Liberman, Steven Young
111080462232RUSS202_3600_SP2011RUSS 202 Continuing Russian I (02.3600/03.3601) SP2011Margarita Tararina
121087221223RUSS102_3598_SP2011RUSS 102 Basic Russian II (04.3598/05.3599) SP2011Courtney Ring
131174101103RUSS102_3597_SP2011RUSS 102 Basic Russian II (03.3597) SP2011Margarita Tararina