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Report Run On: May 18, 2012

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserAvg. Sessions Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
14781398719944RUSS402_2891_SP2012RUSS 402 Advanced Russian II (01.2891) SP2012Vira Zhdanovych
265815041113626RUSS302_2885_SP2012RUSS 302 Continuing Russian III (01.2885) SP2012Steven Young
3696757612630RUSS400_2890_SP2012RUSS 400 Special Topics in Russian (03.2890) SP2012Steven Young, Vira Zhdanovych
48401559179128RUSS202_2883_SP2012RUSS 202 Continuing Russian I (01.2883) SP2012Vira Zhdanovych
58792972368226RUSS102_2882_SP2012RUSS 102 Basic Russian II (01.2882/02.6283) SP2012Vira Zhdanovych
6983860146110RUSS332_7059_SP2012RUSS 332 The Structure of Russian (01.7059) SP2012Steven Young
71111376103714RUSS304_2886_SP2012RUSS 304 Intermediate Russian Conversation II (01.2886) SP2012Steven Young, Vira Zhdanovych
81187251253RUSS202_3198_SP2012RUSS 202 Continuing Russian I (02.3198/03.3199) SP2012Anna Artapova
91188241245RUSS102_3196_SP2012RUSS 102 Basic Russian II (04.3196) SP2012Anna Artapova
10122819510195RUSS350_2887_SP2012RUSS 350 Russian Complementary Reading (01.2887) SP2012Steven Young, Vira Zhdanovych
1112461188142RUSS300_2884_SP2012RUSS 300 - Special Projects in Russian Language SP2012Saveliy Liberman, Steven Young
121258806132RUSS102_3195_SP2012RUSS 102 Basic Russian II (03.3195/05.3197) SP2012Yekaterina Pidgurskaya