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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserAvg. Sessions Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
1325130424032653RUSS270_7240_FA2012RUSS 270 Introduction to Russian Culture and Civilization (01.7240/MLL270_7241) FA2012Elaine Rusinko
24871632723352RUSS401_1365_FA2012RUSS 401 Advanced Russian I (01.1365) FA2012Vira Zhdanovych
34882088923241RUSS301_6139_FA2012RUSS 301 Continuing Russian II (01.6139) FA2012Steven Young
461793405118335RUSS101_1361_FA2012RUSS 101 Basic Russian I (01.1361/02.1362) FA2012Elaine Rusinko, Vira Zhdanovych
578255434113546RUSS201_1363_FA2012RUSS 201 Basic Russian III (01.1363/04.7905) FA2012Vira Zhdanovych
693139849921RUSS315_6516_FA2012RUSS 315 Studies in Russian Film (01.6516) FA2012Vira Zhdanovych
71096651655RUSS101_1362_FA2012RUSS 101 Basic Russian I (02.1362) FA2012Vira Zhdanovych
8115937675312RUSS303_1364_FA2012RUSS 303 Continuing Russian Conversation I (01.1364) FA2012Vira Zhdanovych
913221897279RUSS350_7903_FA2012RUSS 350 Russian Complementary Reading (01.7903) FA2012Vira Zhdanovych
101464101104RUSS201_1775_FA2012RUSS 201 Basic Russian III (02.1775/03.1776/05.7908) FA2012Anna Artapova
111465101101RUSS101_1769_FA2012RUSS 101 Basic Russian I (03.1769/04.1770) FA2012Anna Artapova