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Report Run On: May 16, 2007

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
1522121533642PSYC332_8020_SP2007ZZ PSYC 332: Experimental Psychology: Design and Analysis 2 (Shady Grove) SP2007Diane Alonso
284819618455IS436_8020_SP2007IS 436 Structured Systems Analysis and Design SP2007A DeVries
3131482913371IS403_8020_SP2007IS 403 User Interface Design SP2007A DeVries
4140990528353SOWK397_8020_SP2007SOWK 397: Social Work Methods I: Introduction to Practice (Shady Grove) (SP2007)Katie Morris
51768783292PSYC490_8020_SP2007ZZ PSYC 490 Independent Research Project or Independent Reading in Psychology SP2007Diane Alonso
6311258714184SOWK240_8020_SP2007SOWK 240 Information Technology in Social Work (Shady Grove) SP2007Kelli Larsen, John Laur
7333743843172PSYC317_8020_SP2007ZZ PSYC 317: Cognitive Psychology (Shady Grove) SP2007Diane Alonso
8408132710132PSYC397_8020_SP2007ZZ PSYC 397/398/399 Psychology Research/Internships/Coops (Shady Grove) SP2007Diane Alonso
9459128011116POLI350_8020_SP2007POLI 350 Policy Making Process (Shady Grove) SP2007Elizabeth Freund
10496120812100ANTH326_8020_SP2007ANTH 326 (Shady Grove) SP2007Terilee Edwards-Hewitt
1150621192296SOWK483_8020_SP2007SOWK 483 Social Work Methods III (Shady Grove) SP2007 Susan Mcfeaters
1254019922483SOWK360_8020_SP2007SOWK 360 Introduction to Social Welfare, Social Policy, and Social Work II (Shady Grove) SP2007Joan Planell
1368510852249SOWK389_8020_SP2007SOWK 389 Human Behavior II (Shady Grove) SP2007Mindy Thiel
147407682038PSYC393S_8020_SP2007PSYC 393S Special Topics in Psychology: Schizophrenia (Shady Grove) SP2007Laura Rowland, Rebecca Fuller
157435561537SOWK387_8020_SP2007SOWK 387 Policies, Programs, and Services for Children (Shady Grove) SP2007Yvonna Love
169098199SOWK482_8020a_SP2007SOWK 482 Field Instruction II (section 8020) (Shady Grove) SP2007Kathleen Leiser