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Report Run On: May 14, 2008

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
1163432114308SOCY620_0101_SP2008SOCY 620 Social Epidemiology SP2008Tracey Serpi
21821302146283SOCY204_0101_SP2008SOCY 204 Diversity and Pluralism: An Interdisciplinary Perspective SP2008Fred Pincus
3202501519263SOCY631_0101_SP2008SOCY 631 Family and Aging in Society SP2008John Schumacher
42311247051244SOCY345_0101_SP2008SOCY 345 Sociology of Education SP2008Fred Pincus
5239381816238SOCY604_0201_SP2008SOCY 604 Statistical Analysis SP2008Elizabeth Flow-Delwiche
6267697532217SOCY406_0101_SP2008SOCY 406/606 Social Inequality and Social Policy SP2008Marina Adler
7309916647195SOCY354_0101_SP2008SOCY 354 Social Bases of Public and Community Health SP2008Andrea Kalfoglou
8322546130182SOCY418_0101_SP2008SOCY 418/618 SAS for Social Scientists SP2008Jayne Miller
9398307622139SOCY604_0101_SP2008SOCY 604 Statistical Analysis SP2008Marina Adler
10435636252122SOCY420_0101_SP2008SOCY 420/620 Social Epidemiology SP2008Magdalena Tolea, Tracey Serpi
1143617098141121SOCY101_0301_SP2008SOCY 101 Basic Concepts in Sociology SP2008James Trela
1251973897894SOCY352_0101_SP2008SOCY 352 Issues in Health Care SP2008Michael Nolin
1354625062986SOCY397A_0101_SP2008SOCY 397A Untitled Course SP2008Zeynep Tufekcioglu
1455981509784SOCY300_0101_SP2008SOCY 300 Methodology of Social Research (0101/0201) SP2008jamie maclennan
156171827726668SOCY101_0101_SP2008SOCY 101 Basic Concepts in Sociology (0101/0401) SP2008Zeynep Tufekcioglu
16724604012747SOCY101_0201_SP2008SOCY 101 Basic Concepts in Sociology SP2008Gul Seckin
1772520734546SOCY315_0101_SP2008SOCY 315 Population and Society SP2008William Rothstein
1877620285437SOCY335_0101_SP2008SOCY 335 Terrorism and Social Violence SP2008Christoph Hewitt
198472681124SOCY497_0101_SP2008SOCY 497 Selected Topics in Sociology SP2008Christoph Hewitt
209184623114SOCY380_0101_SP2008SOCY 380 Political Sociology SP2008Gul Seckin
2193011111SOCY431_0101_SP2008SOCY 431 Family and Aging in Society SP2008John Schumacher
221002414SOCY353_0101_SP2008SOCY 353 Marriage and the Family SP2008Nancy Servatius
231057111SOCY374_0101_SP2008SOCY 374 Drugs and Alcohol in Society SP2008Cindy Voss
241058111SOCY452_0101_SP2008SOCY 452 Health Care Organization and Delivery SP2008Mary Brewer