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Report Run On: December 12, 2008

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
1451063420531SOCY620_0101_FA2008SOCY 620 Social Epidemiology FA2008Tracey Serpi
2167534021254SOCY600_0201_FA2008SOCY 600 Research Methodology FA2008Gul Seckin
31821022043237SOCY321_0101_FA2008SOCY 321 Race and Ethnic Relations FA2008Fred Pincus
4209521324217SOCY430_0101_FA2008SOCY 430 Sociology of Aging FA2008Leanne Clark
5229260013200SOCY432_0101_FA2008SOCY 432/632 Work and Retirement FA2008Leslie Morgan
6231239412199SOCY630_0101_FA2008SOCY 630 Sociology of Aging FA2008James Trela
7270685539175SOCY374_0101_FA2008SOCY 374 Drugs and Alcohol in Society FA2008Cindy Voss
8302321620160SOCY600_0101_FA2008SOCY 600 Research Methodology FA2008Marina Adler
9350708253133SOCY352_0101_FA2008SOCY 352 Issues in Health Care FA2008Daniel Andersen
10411378435108SOCY301_0101_FA2008SOCY 301 Analysis of Sociological Data FA2008Ilsa Lottes
11427409539105SOCY300_0101_FA2008SOCY 300 Methodology of Social Research FA2008Zeynep Tufekcioglu
1245739164195SOCY300_0201_FA2008SOCY 300 Methodology of Social Research FA2008Daniel Andersen
1346538684292SOCY210_0101_FA2008SOCY 210 Class and Inequality in the U.S. FA2008Nicole Cousin-Gossett
1449120072387SOCY420_0101_FA2008SOCY 420 Social Epidemiology FA2008Magdalena Tolea
155123775645882SOCY101_0101_FA2008SOCY 101 Basic Concepts in Sociology (0101/0301/0401) FA2008Nicole Cousin-Gossett
1651345645582SOCY351_0101_FA2008SOCY 351 Medical Sociology FA2008Michael Nolin
1757216822567SOCY101Y_0101_FA2008SOCY 101Y Basic Concepts in Sociology FA2008Nirvana Maharaj, Anam Salman, Mitsue Wiggs, Zeynep Tufekcioglu, Katelyn Rozenbroek
18608738112360SOCY101_0201_FA2008SOCY 101 Basic Concepts in Sociology FA2008Zeynep Tufekcioglu
196604821048SOCY658_0101_FA2008SOCY 658 Sociology of Mental Health and Illness FA2008Gul Seckin
207855281829SOCY458_0101_FA2008SOCY 458 Sociology of Mental Health and Illness FA2008Gul Seckin
21955515SOCY299_1801_FA2008SOCY 299 Independent Study FA2008James Trela