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Report Run On: December 18, 2010

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserAvg. Sessions Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
119058391538954THTR460_12588_FA2010THTR 460 Theatre Capstone (01.12588) FA2010Wendy Salkind
22512921932438THTR324_7424_FA2010THTR 324 Craft of Acting III (01.7424) FA2010Eve Muson
370321021911029THTR410_7498_FA2010THTR 410 Modern Theater I: Social Protest (01.7498) FA2010Susan Mccully
47632545269720THTR310_7482_FA2010THTR 310 History of the Theatre I Fall 2010Casey Kaleba
595284415568THTR390_7458_FA2010THTR 390 Theatre in Production (01.7458) FA2010J Lynn Watson
69761139225119THTR104_7454_FA2010THTR 104 Introduction to Costume (1.7454/2.7464/3.7462/4.7472/5.7474) FA2010Shelley Joyce
7103454714399THTR222_5768_FA2010THTR 222 Vocal Training for the Actor I (02.5768) FA2010Natasha Staley
81048131535377THTR222_5774_FA2010THTR 222 Vocal Training for the Actor I-section INatasha Staley, J Lynn Watson
9120328617164THTR490_7460_FA2010THTR 490 Production Workshop (01.7460) FA2010Eve Muson, Natasha Staley
101256111111THTR400_7598_FA2010THTR 400 Theatre Studies (4.7598) FA2010Wendy Salkind
111257939103THTR371_12575_FA2010THTR 371 Playwriting (01.12575) FA2010Susan Mccully
12125833431105THTR220_5758_FA2010THTR 220 Craft of Acting I (01.5758/02.5762) FA2010Alan Kreizenbeck
13129944673THTR250_7470_FA2010THTR 250 Introduction to Production Techniques (03.7470) FA2010Shelley Joyce
1413046162THTR349_7440_FA2010THTR 349 Women and Theatre (1.7440) FA2010Susan Mccully