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Report Run On: May 14, 2012

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Rank In DisciplineOverall RankHitsUsersAvg. Hits Per UserAvg. Sessions Per UserCourse IDCourse NameInstructor(s)
138429651322837THTR221_3171_SP2012THTR 221 Craft of Acting II (01.3171) SP2012Eve Muson
247630831619227THTR239_3176_SP2012THTR 239 Movement II: Alexander Technique (01.3176/02.4140) SP2012Wendy Salkind
351226771517825THTR239_4140_SP2012THTR 239 Movement II: Alexander Technique (02.4140) SP2012Wendy Salkind
466735282812622THTR202_3170_SP2012THTR 202 Introduction to Dramatic Literature (01.3170) SP2012Eve Muson
581554769111THTR335_3880_SP2012THTR 335 Advanced Lighting Design (01.3880) SP2012Adam Mendelson
69261511226814THTR223_3173_SP2012THTR 223 Vocal Training for the Actor II (01.3173/02.3878) SP2012J Lynn Watson
793640566710THTR400_8326_SP2012THTR 400 - Theatre Studies (12.8326) SP2012Adam Mendelson
810271336274917THTR311_3181_SP2012THTR 311 History of the Theatre II (01.3181) SP2012Alan Kreizenbeck
91081691174015THTR411_3185_SP2012THTR 411 Modern Theatre II: The Interior World (1.3185) SP2012Susan Mccully
1011171106323413THTR244_3180_SP2012THTR 244 Script Analysis (01.3180) SP2012Susan Mccully
111142756243113THTR104_3164_SP2012THTR 104 Introduction to Costume (01.3164/02.3165/3.3166) SP2012Shelley Joyce
121160281282THTR110_3169_SP2012THTR 110 Introduction to Acting (01.3169) SP2012Rachel Hirshorn, Nyalls Hartman
13117329911277THTR390_3186_SP2012THTR 390 Theatre in Production (01.3186) SP2012Shelley Joyce, Susan Mccully, Greggory Schraven, Eve Muson
14129836494THTR250_4191_SP2012THTR 250 Introduction to Production Techniques (3.4191) SP2012Shelley Joyce