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Blackboard Training Videos

These training videos are designed to help you use some of the forms associated with Blackboard and perform some of the tasks within the Blackboard environment.

Note: The movies are produced in two formats, Quicktime and RealMedia (which is now called RealOne). If you need to download and install the plugins they can be obtained from:

Quicktime Movies RealOne Player


Available Titles

Click on the icons to view the videos.

Course Creation Request
(4 mins)

23.8mb 5.3mb
Changing Your Email Address in Blackboard
(2 mins)

10.2mb 1.7mb
Managing Multiple Sections
(2 mins)

12.7mb 3.2mb

Backing Up a Blackboard Course
(1 min 15 secs)

27mb 3mb

Logging Into Blackboard
(1 min 21secs)

34mb 5mb

Auto & Batch Enrolling Users
(1 min 34secs)

30mb 5mb2mb


If you have further questions please contact Bob Armstrong @ rarmstro@umbc.edu or extension 53885

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