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Richness AND Reach: A Strategic Plan for Teaching, Learning and Technology (TLT)

Developed in 2007-08 on behalf of the Provost's IT Steering Committee, the plan contains five recommendations as well as background on prior planning documents. To comment on the plan, click here.

Classroom Technology Strategic Plan

Developed in 2006-07 on behalf of the Provost's Classroom Committee, this is a three-year plan to permanently equip all 73 general purpose classrooms with fixed presentation technology by the start of FY11. In FY08, 13 rooms in the Sondheim Building were fixtured, and Lecture Hall IV was renovated.


Most Active Blackboard Courses Reports

Developed in 2007-08, this site provides a list of UMBC's Blackboard course activity based on an average hits per user approach. You can find most active instructors, students and disciplines. In addition, several "self-service" reports allow instructors to view the Bb course activity by grade distribution, and allow students to compare their own activity against an anonymous summary of their peers in any Blackboard course. It also contains annual Blackboard User Survey results.


Since 2004, the Educause Cener for Applied Research (ECAR) has annually surveyed about 30,000 seniors and freshmen from 100 colleges and universities. UMBC has participated every year since 2006, and hosted a focus group in 2008.


New Media Studio Annual Report