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By offering our news stories in syndication via RSS (Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication), those using news aggregation programs will receive the latest headlines as soon as they are posted to .

For those new to news readers, they are software programs that retrieve stories and information posted on Web sites. The news is formatted in RSS, which is a form of eXtensible markup language (XML).

Instead of hunting for stories from Web site to Web site through a browser, a news reader program automatically fetches headlines and news updates for you. News reader programs are available in both free and fee-based versions on the Internet.

Newsgator and Bloglines are free news readers that are easy to set up.

To get the latest UMBC news delivered via RSS, copy the links below and paste them into the subscription window of your news reader. It's that simple.


News Site
UMBC news releases

UMBC online newspaper

News from the Office of Information Technology

Streaming Media @ UMBC
Streaming video featured on UMBC's News site



Podcasts are similar to RSS feeds in that they allow users to subscribe for the automatic delivery of content through an appropriate reader. In the case of Podcasts, audio and video content is subscribed to and downloaded. Listeners and viewers can access this content on their computer or transfer it to portable players (hence the name "Podcast").

As with RSS, an appropriate reader (sometimes referred to as an "aggregator") is needed to subscribe to an view content. Apple's cross-platform iTunes music application has Podcasting integrated in versions 4.9 and higher. Another good aggregator available for both PC and Mac is Fire Ant. Use the following URL's to subscribe to UMBC Podcasts.


UMBC Video Features
A video podcast of features, events and student works from Streaming Video @ UMBC
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UMBC Tune to the Arts
Beginning on September 19th and continuing through October 31st, visitors and students on the University of Maryland Baltimore County’s (UMBC) campus will be able to explore its creative past by taking a walking tour, using a small handheld FM receiver (or iPod) to hear a compilation of unique archived recordings.
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Reflections from the Heart: Photographs of David Seymour
An exhibition at the Albin O. Kuhn Library Gallery.
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UMBC President's Office
Video features and presentations featuring UMBC President Freeman Hrabowski.
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Digital Stories from UMBC
A collection of stories produced by faculty and students in digital storytelling workshops and seminars at UMBC.

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UMBC Visionaries in IT Forum
The Visionaries in Information Technology Forum is an annual, four-part breakfast series hosted by the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. The series was created to help elevate the prominence and recognition of Maryland as a critical hub of information and emerging technologies.
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produced by UMBC faculty member Steve Bradley, art@radio presents a weekly selection "promoting artists working and playing on the fringes of sonic expression."
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More About RSS and Podcasts

a good resource for adding RSS feeds to your website

VODcast White Paper
expains video podcasts and how to produce them

Feeder and Cast Easy
Two nice shareware apps for Mac OS X that allow you to construct RSS and Podcast feeds through a forms-based interface

Podcasting Resources from Apple
Podcasting and iTunes: Technical Specifications
Discussion Forum: Producing Podcasts


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