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July 25, 2006

Summer 2006 Courses Expire on 9/20

As announced earlier in the semester, Summer 2006 auto-created Bb course "shells" are set to expire on September 20, 2006 after grades are due. This means the course will automatically revert to being unavailable to students, but faculty will still see the course link. This will help students who frequently complain about having numerous links to old courses in Blackboard. They can request ongoing access from the instructor, who can override the duration settings manually. This may be helpful for processing incompletes, but the majority of students will not have to request to be un-enrolled from old courses.

Remember: students can’t un-enroll from Bb courses themselves. If you don’t need your students to see old Bb course sites from any past semester, please consider making them "unavailable". If you are finished with a course and don't need the content, student submissions or gradebook, consider deleting it by completing the “Bb Course Delete” request form on the Bb Blackboard Help tab.

Hot Tip: Students and instructors can use the pencil tool in “ My Courses” to hide announcements and course links.