Undergraduate Orientation

Orientation Leaders

The orientation team consists of both leaders for Course Selection Day (Orientation Peer Advisors) and Welcome Week (Woolies). While the specific responsibilities of the Orientation Peer Advisors and the Welcome Week Leaders are different, the overriding role is the same – to serve as a role model and a source of support and information for new freshman and transfer students.

Orientation Peer Advisors

The Orientation Peer Advisors (OPAs) will be your resource and guide to academic life at UMBC. Meet this year’s OPAs.

Welcome Week Leaders

The 2014 Welcome Week Leaders (Woolies) were an enthusiastic bunch. There were over 60 sophomores, juniors and seniors that volunteered to serve as Woolies for the first week of the semester. The Woolies represented a variety of majors, came from various parts of Maryland and other states and were involved in a wide assortment of campus life activities. Meet last summer’s Woolies.