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Sustainable Design Strategies

LEED facts

Rainwater Harvesting (for on-site irragation)
Reduce Impervious Area (increased storm water drainage)
Pervious Concrete Sidewalks
Reduced Light Pollution
White Roof (reducing urban heat island effect)
Integrated With Proximity to Public Transportation
Promote Bicycle Usage

HVAC Energy Modeling Design (reduce building operating cost)
Enhanced Commissioning (Increase efficiency and operation of HVAC and lighting systems)
Zero USe of CFC-based Refrigerants
HVAC System (flush out prior to occupancy)
Reduce Water Consumption by 40%
Sun Control Devices
Work With UMBC on Purchasing Green Power

Controllability of Systems (lighting and temperature controls)
Daylighting and Views of 75% of Space (creates healthier learning environment, increased attendance and grades)
Materials (regional, low-emitting, and no-VOC)
Implement Indoor Air Quality Management Plan During Construction (monitor to ensure appropriate ventilation)