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UMBC is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and improving air quality. The carpooling program is one strategy for UMBC to achieve these goals as well as save wear and tear on individual's vehicle and reduce traffic congestion.

Program Eligibility and Guidelines
All members of the carpool must have a current affiliation with UMBC (employee or student) and live off campus.

A carpool consists of two or more individuals sharing one permit per carpool. Carpool members may have more than one vehicle.

Carpool permits are not transferrable.

All members of the carpool must reside in the same commute area.

The carpool permit holder and all riders will be connected to the carpool permit and not eligible for another permit with the exception of temporary permits as noted below. On days that carpool members must drive their own vehicle individually, temporary permits will be available at Parking Services. Each carpool member is eligible for up to 5 no-charge temporary permits per semester.

The primary carpool member is responsible for the carpool permit, all vehicles associated to the permit, and all citations issued to any vehicle belonging to the carpool.

Separate carpool zones will be designated for commuter students and employees. Designated carpool spaces will be available in Lot 1. If a carpool spaces is not available, then a non-carpool space in the designated parking zone may be used. Carpool permits are not valid in ADA spaces, reserved spaces, or any visitor space.

Employee carpools will be valid for the academic year. Student carpools will be valid for a semester.

Carpool spaces will be added or removed from parking lots as warranted by need and regular use.

Motorcycles, scooters and mopeds are excluded from the carpool program.

Parking Services must be notified if a member is no longer affiliated with UMBC or wishes to leave the carpool. If the carpool dissolves, members will be eligible to purchase and/or receive the appropriate zone permit.

Individuals falsely participating in the carpool program will result in cancellation of carpool privileges and subject to parking fines.

Individuals wishing to become part of the carpool program can register by completing the application and returning the form to Parking Services, Room 100 in the Facilities Management Building. A carpool permit will not be issued until verification process is complete. Once the carpool is approved, all potential carpool members must collectively make an appointment with Parking Services at 410 455-2551 in order to turn in their active permits and receive the carpool permit.

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PH 410 455-2551 / FAX 410 455-1399 / Email: parking@umbc.edu