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Faculty/Staff Parking

 All permits are assigned to a vehicle(s).  To register your vehicle with UMBC, go to http://my.umbc.edu/go/parking, Parking Account Management and Manage Your Vehicles.  To deactivate a vehicle, submit a written request to parking@umbc.edu.  Provide the vehicle information and the reason for deactivation.

UMBC Faculty/staff receiving tuition remission for courses at UMBC are not eligible for a student zone parking permit.  Mandatory fees associated with course registration will be remitted for UMBC faculty/staff taking courses at UMBC.

Parking Zones

Parking is assigned to parking zones with designated areas for each permit group.  Zone designations apply Monday through Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. during the fall and spring semester.  Zone D and E permits are valid in Zone A after 3:30 p.m.  During the winter and summer sessions, the modified zone plan allows employee permit holders to park in Zones A and C in addition to their regular zones.  The campus map link contains a color coded parking map.  Parking signs designate the applicable zone by both color and letter.

Faculty/Staff permit parking zones:


Zone D – Purple – Faculty and Staff (includes Daily Permits)

Zone E – Purple – Gated Faculty and Staff


Faculty and staff with outstanding debts to UMBC Parking Services will be required to satisfy the debt before they can purchase or be issued a new parking permit.

Gate Cards: The Gate Card Request Form is available under Faculty & Staff Information link. A list of gate card requests is maintained by Parking Services. To remain on the wait list, a valid UMBC permit must be purchased each year. Any employee on the gate card wait list who transfers to a different department on campus should notify Parking Services for the change. Should space on gated lots become available, the gate card wait list will be forwarded to the appropriate dean or vice president for selection.  Parking Services will notify selected employees with instructions on obtaining the gate card.  Gated spaces are issued to faculty/staff only.

Annual Faculty/staff permits:
Annual faculty/ staff permits expire each year on August 31st. New Permits must be obtained by this date. Notification for the distribution and sale of faculty/staff permits is forwarded to all departments in the summer and posted on Insights. Annual permits include a faculty/staff permit that allows parking on non-gated faculty/staff Zone D areas and a gated faculty /staff permit which allows parking in Zone E areas.  Permits must be properly displayed on the rearview mirror.
The fee for FY2013 is $260.00 for a permit plus an additional $80.00 for a gate visor card.  Permit fees are pro-rated beginning in November.  Refunds will not be issued for parking permit fees.

Daily faculty / staff permits:
Daily faculty/staff permits are available to UMBC employees for $2 per day. Proof of identification (e.g. UMBC ID or driver's license) must be provided and your vehicle(s) registered with UMBC.  Permits are available from Parking Services and may be purchased by check or currency.  Daily permits can be used to park in any Zone D posted area on campus.  Employees with annual permits are not eligible to purchase daily permits.
A daily permit 10 pack is available online for $20.00.  To purchase a daily permit 10 pack, go to
http://my.umbc.edu/go/parking, Parking Account Management and Purchase Permits.  Select a delivery option of mail to address on file the next business day or pick up at Parking Services.  Payment methods accepted are American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa or ACH.

The daily permit is a scratch off permit that is validated by scratching off the current day, month and year.  The daily permit is valid for one day only and must be properly validated and displayed from the rearview mirror.  Daily permits are valid in Zone ‘D’ parking areas.

Permits purchased through Payroll Deduction:
All regular and contingent II faculty and staff employed at least 50% are eligible to participate in the payroll deduction program. The payroll deduction program is a pretax benefit.  An announcement is posted each August with the open enrollment period for payroll deduction.  Once an employee has signed up for the payroll deduction program, it will automatically roll over each year until a cancellation form is submitted to Parking Services with the permit and gate card if applicable.  After the open enrollment period, only new eligible employees may sign up for payroll deduction within the first two weeks of their employment date until February 17, 2014.
New employees must provide “Certification of Eligibility for Faculty/Staff UMBC Campus Card and Parking Permit” which is available from Human Resources.  Employees paid on an hourly basis, daily, or contractual are not eligible to participate in the program. Those not eligible to participate in the payroll deduction program may purchase an annual faculty staff permit or daily permits at Parking Services.

Permits purchased by cash, check or credit card:
All permit sales are handled through Parking Services.  Permits can be purchased at the Parking Service’s office with currency or check.  Your will need to provide your UMBC ID or drivers license and your vehicle(s) must be registered with UMBC. 

Permits can be purchased online at http://my.umbc.edu/go/parking, Parking Account Management,; Purchase Permits.  Payment forms accepted are American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa or ACH.  Select a delivery option of mail to address on file the next business day or pick up at Parking Services.

Parking Services is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.


Separation of employment: Your permit and gate visor card if applicable must be returned to Parking Services upon separation of employment at UMBC.  Employees enrolled in payroll deduction will need to complete a cancellation form available at Parking Services.


New Employees Temporary Permits:

Departments may request a two week temporary permit for new regular or contingent II employee. The permit is valid for faculty/staff parking for 10 consecutive work days as of the hire date. Department requests must include the name of the employee, identify if employee was hired as a regular line or contingent II position, hire date, and vehicle information.










PH 410 455-2551 / FAX 410 455-1399 / Email: parking@umbc.edu