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All regular and contingent II faculty and staff employed at least 50% of fulltime are eligible to participate in the payroll deduction process. The payroll deduction program qualifies as a pretax benefit, which reduces the amount of taxable income and the amount of Federal, MD State income tax, and FICA withholdings (Social Security and Medicare). Your actual tax savings will vary, depending primarily on the amount of the parking deduction and your tax bracket.

Employees paid on an hourly basis, daily, or contractual are not eligible to participate in the program. Those not eligible to participate in the payroll deduction program must pay by cash, check or credit card. Under this arrangement, parking will not be a pretax benefit.

Permits purchased through payroll deduction:
Parking Services will handle the purchase and distribution of permits for all employees. Payroll deduction will automatically continue from year to year unless terminated by the employee.  There is an open enrollment period every August for eligible employees who wish to enroll in the parking payroll deduction. The open enrollment period will be announced in Insights. Anyone wishing to terminate their participation in the payroll deduction program due to termination, payment in full for permit or a new parking location, must submit a cancellation form available at Parking Services and return the permit and gate card if applicable. 

New participants in the payroll deductions program must complete a payroll deduction form and obtain their permit and gate card (if applicable) from Parking Services. 
Payroll deduction forms will be accepted for new employees only within two weeks of their hire date until February 17, 2014. New employees must provide “Certification of Eligibility for Faculty/Staff UMBC Campus Card and Parking Permit” which is available from Human Resources. Anyone purchasing a parking permit after February 17, 2014 will be required to pay by cash, check, or credit card only. For additional information regarding the parking payroll deduction program, contact Parking Services at x52551.


Participants in the payroll deduction program will have their permits automatically renewed each year and sent to their department.


Refunds will not be issued on permits.

Separation Of Employment From UMBC:
Faculty/staff permits and/ or gate visor cards must be returned to Parking Services upon separation of employment at UMBC.  Employees who purchase permits through the payroll deduction program must complete and sign a cancellation form available at Parking Services.






PH 410 455-2551 / FAX 410 455-1399 / Email: parking@umbc.edu