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Do not register a vehicle or purchase a permit for another's use on campus; to do so constitutes fraudulent registration. Do not extend your permit privileges to any other University affiliate. Penalties for misuse of University privileges are severe and may result in immediate tow, disciplinary action in the case of students, and revocation of parking privileges.

A student or employee may not transfer their permit to another student or employee. If you lend your vehicle to another person, the vehicle must comply with the vehicle owner's parking status.

Violations issued for illegal display/receipt/altered permit will be charged to both the registered vehicle and the permit holder. A repeat illegal display/receipt/altered permit violation will result in the vehicle being towed at the owner's expense.

One permit will be issued for each faculty, staff or student. Permits are interchangeable between vehicles, not between students or faculty/staff.  Owners of motorcycles, soft-top vehicles and jeeps may obtain decals in addition to their permit at Parking Services.  ONLY ONE VEHICLE PER PERMIT HOLDER MAY BE PARKED ON CAMPUS AT ANY TIME.

The permit holder is responsible for all parking violations cited against the permit. A parking violation issued against a vehicle without a permit may be charged to the registered owner of the vehicle.

Permits must be properly displayed from the rear view mirrors. Motorcycles must have a decal affixed to the front shocks. Jeeps and convertibles must have the decals affixed to the driver's side lower inside of the front windshields.

Permits are the property of Parking Services and may be confiscated if illegally procured, displayed and/or altered.

If you forget your permit, a one-day permit may be obtained from Parking Services with proper UMBC ID.  Temporary permits are limited to your registered vehicles.  Exceptions may be granted for rental vehicles with proper documentation. Limit of 3 per semester.

Lost or stolen permits must be reported to Parking Services immediately. The replacement fee for a permit or visor card is $25.00. Replacement are purchased at Parking Services.  Payment types accepted are currency or check only.

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PH 410 455-2551 / FAX 410 455-1399 / Email: parking@umbc.edu