Phi Beta Kappa, Eta Chapter of Maryland

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Phi Beta Kappa was founded in 1776 at the College of William & Mary by a group of students dedicated to the culture of the intellect for its own sake. Students elected by Eta Chapter of Maryland, which is sheltered on the UMBC campus, and its 270 colleague chapters are considered to have given evidence that they share that dedication and show promise of pursuing that intellectual culture for the remainder of their lives. In reviewing potential candidates for election, the chapter seeks to identify those who, because they enjoy the rigor of intellectual challenge and are assuaging an unbounded curiosity, have pursued a broad curriculum of liberal studies well beyond minimal institutional requirements.


Eta of Maryland of Phi Beta Kappa announced the following criteria to be used during the academic year 2007-2008 in selecting candidates for election to membership in course.  It is emphasized that these are the minimum criteria only for consideration for election and that meeting all of these criteria does not guarantee election.

There is no formal application process for UMBC students who wish to become members of Phi Beta Kappa.  Rather, all UMBC undergraduates are considered for possible election at the time of their graduation.  The Induction Ceremony for students elected to membership in Eta Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa is held annually in May; it includes all students elected during the previous year.


The Eta Chapter of Maryland officers are:



Professor John Pinkston

Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering


Vice President:

Professor Robert Deluty

Department of Psychology



Michele Wolff, Director

The Shriver Center



Professor James Grubb (acting)

Department of History



Professor Jay Freyman

Department of Ancient Studies

For more information on Phi Beta Kappa at UMBC, please go to: Frequently Asked Questions

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