Phi Beta Kappa, Eta Chapter of Maryland

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Resident Members of Phi Beta Kappa


The following UMBC faculty and staff are resident members of Phi Beta Kappa; they were elected to membership in Phi Beta Kappa at the time they received their undergraduate degree.  UMBC students who wish to learn more about the benefits of membership in Phi Beta Kappa are encouraged to consult with one of the following indivduals:


Barner-Barry, Carol  (Political Science)

Berman, Jessica  (English)

Brodsky, Anne  (Psychology)

Burchard, Robert  (Biological Sciences, emeritus)

Carter, Gary  (Computer Science and Electrical Engineering)

Catania, Charles  (Psychology)

Craig, Nessly  (Biological Sciences)

Crandall, JoAnn  (Education)

Cronin, Thomas  (Biological Sciences)

Dean, Stephen  (Emergency Health Services)

Deluty, Robert  (Psychology)

Edinger, William  (English)

Frey, Douglas  (Chemical and Biochemical Engineering)

Freyman, Jay  (Ancient Studies)

Gindling, Thomas  (Economics)

Grubb, James  (History)

Hagerty, Devin  (Political Science)

Hanson, Frank  (Biological Sciences)

Hody, Cynthia  (Political Science)

Hoffman, Kathleen  (Mathematics and Statistics)

Jeffries, John  (History)

Kloetzel, John  (Biological Sciences)

Korenman, Joan  (English)

Logan-Bennett, Lorie  (Career Development Center)

Lutters, Wayne  (Information Systems)

Mashbaum, Jesse  (Mathematics and Statistics)

Maton, Kenneth  (Psychology)

McCann, Carole  (Women's Studies)

McKusick, James  (English)

McMillan, Wallace  (Physics)

McShane, Marjorie  (Computer Science and Electrical Engineering)

Menyuk, Curtis  (Computer Science and Electrical Engineering)

Miller, Andrew  (Geography and Environmental Systems)

Miller, Nancy  (Public Policy)

Minkoff, Susan  (Mathematics and Statistics)

Murphy, Christopher  (Psychology)

Orgelfinger, Gail  (English)

Orlin, Lena  (English)

Orser, William  (American Studies)

Pinkston, John  (Computer Science and Electrical Engineering)

Pittenger, Arthur  (Mathematics and Statistics)

Roberts, Richard  (Mathematics and Statistics, emeritus)

Rusinko, Elaine  (Modern Languages and Linguistics)

Schamp, Homer  (Education, emeritus)

Seaman, Carolyn  (Information Systems)

Seguin, Linda  (Albin O. Kuhn Library and Gallery)

Sherman, Alan  (Computer Science and Electrical Engineering)

Sinnigen, John  (Modern Languages and Linguistics)

Sokolove, Phillip  (Biological Sciences)

Sorkin, Alan  (Economics)

Takacs, Wendy  (Economics)

Taylor, Thomas  (Office of Enrollment Management)

Tice, Carolyn  (School of Social Work)

Wexler, Victor  (History)

Wolff, Michele  (Shriver Center)


Foundation Members of Phi Beta Kappa


The following individuals were elected to membership in Eta Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa at the time of its original foundation at UMBC in 1997:


Dr. JoAnn Argersinger

Dr. Robert Burchard

Dr. Daphne Harrison

Dr. Freeman Hrabowski III

Dr. Albin O. Kuhn

Mrs. Jane Meyerhoff

Mr. Robert Meyerhoff

Dr. Angela Moorjani

Dr. Richard Neville


For more information on Phi Beta Kappa at UMBC, please go to: Frequently Asked Questions

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