The idea of this page is not to boast. However, over the past few years, there have been some really nice things said and or written about the band. Check out and listen to some of these below.

Corey Johns (The Retriever Weekly) - March 15, 2011 Dan Steinberg (DC Sports Bog Columnist) - February 22, 2008 Kyle Whelliston (ESPN Insider and Basketball Times Columnist) - February 19, 2008
  • "No other school can match the rich repertoire of the Down and Dirty Dawg Band, easily the tightest brass section
    in the league."
  • And a first-ever NCAA bid for UMBC would certainly give that pep band and dance team some extra work,
    which would be good news for everybody.
  • Click here for the Retriever Article, UMBC rises to A-East top

Tony Kornheiser (ESPN and Washington Post Sports Columnist) - February 11, 2008
  • "There pepband was spectacularly good."
  • "They never played the same song twice, they were great, they were loud, and they were great!"
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The Retriever Weekly - Tuesday, April 10, 2007
  • "The Dirty Dawg Band is a great band. I doubt there is a better band player for player in America East. Great members, great attitudes and great players."
  • "UAlbany had a very small band presence at the tournament. To my surprise, your band merged with ours, went over our band's arrangements, and played in support of UAlbany throughout our game. I don't have to tell you that you have an outstanding band, and they made our kids sound terrific. We lost the game, but the effort and support your students showed our students and fans was spectacular. I want you to know how much we all appreciated it."
  • Click here for the Retriever Article, Down and Dirty Dawgs rock America East Conference
Brian Moritz (Binghamton University Basketball Blog) - March 2007
  • "I would pay to listen to the UMBC pep band."
  • "Ah, the UMBC pep band is in the house. Life is good."
  • "UMBC is running away with "best band" honors. Granted, I'm biased because they did a letter-perfect version of the Family Guy theme song."
The Hartford Courant (and other Boston press) - March 2007
  • "Neither the presence of Harvard or big sister Maryland in the Fresno Regional intimidated UMBC in terms of academic or charitable contributions. That's because there's more to the school than being the 16th seed in the Fresno Regional or having perhaps the peppiest pep band in Hartford.
  • "Watching the feed might also get you a few shots of the lovely UMBC dance team backed by the best Pep Band in the conference. They're really, really good."
  • "No. 5 UMBC beats No. 4 Maine in a relatively tight game, and they also win the spirit award for bringing a sick pep band and an energetic group of fans all the way from Maryland."