Video Library

This page contains a variety of pepband videos. Some are full-length songs of us playing, others are short clips members have recorded with camera phones. Either way, go through and check them out!

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2012 4th of July Parade - Drum Cadence

2012 Arbutus Parade

2012 Catonsville Parade

2012 Hanging out Before the Parade / Warmups

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2012 Award Ceremony

2012 America East Tournament in Hartford, CT - Throw it Up!

Alumni Day 2012

2012 Drumline Half Time Show

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4th of July Parades in Arbutus and Catonsville

2011 America East Tournament in Hartford, CT

Alumni Day

UMBC Drumline Halftime Show

Random Clips (Beginning of Season)

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UMBC PepBand - 2010 Tournament in Hartford, CT


UMBC Men's Champtionship Tournament at Binghamton 2009

UMBC Men's Tournament 2009

UMBC and Binghamton Pepband's perform National Anthem

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UMBC Press (Tony Kornheiser and WJZ News)

UMBC Trip to the Big Dance - Raleigh

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UMBC Pep Band America East Conference 2006-2007

A video compliation of the UMBC Down and Dirty Dawg Pep Band at the Men's 2006-2007 AEC conference. Part 1 of 2.

UMBC Pep Band America East Conference 2006-2007 (Part 2)

Riser Sendoff for the Women's Basketball Team 2006-2007

The UMBC Pep Band (accompanied by the Dance Team and Cheerleaders) plays and sings the UMBC Riser for the Women's Basketball team, at their hotel in the lobby.