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StatisticsOfArray Class Reference

#include <StatisticsOfArray.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 StatisticsOfArray (int arrayLengthIn, double *arrayIn)
 ~StatisticsOfArray ()
double GetMinimum ()
double GetMaximum ()
double GetMean ()
double GetStdDev ()
double GetVariance ()
double GetMedian ()

Private Member Functions

double Minimum (void)
double Maximum (void)
double Mean (void)
double MeanSquares (void)
double Variance (void)
double Median (double *SortedArray, int Length)
void SelectionSort (double *Array, double *SortedArray, int Length)
int MaximumIndex (double *Array, int Length)

Private Attributes

int arrayLength
double * array
double * sortedArray
double minimum
double maximum
double mean
double standardDeviation
double variance
double median

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

StatisticsOfArray::StatisticsOfArray ( int  arrayLengthIn,
double *  arrayIn 
StatisticsOfArray::~StatisticsOfArray (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

double StatisticsOfArray::GetMaximum (  )  [inline]

References maximum.

double StatisticsOfArray::GetMean ( void   )  [inline]

References mean.

double StatisticsOfArray::GetMedian (  )  [inline]

References median.

Referenced by BitString::SetRandomString().

double StatisticsOfArray::GetMinimum (  )  [inline]

References minimum.

double StatisticsOfArray::GetStdDev ( void   )  [inline]

References standardDeviation.

double StatisticsOfArray::GetVariance (  )  [inline]

References variance.

double StatisticsOfArray::Maximum ( void   )  [private]

References array, and arrayLength.

Referenced by StatisticsOfArray().

int StatisticsOfArray::MaximumIndex ( double *  Array,
int  Length 
) [private]

Referenced by SelectionSort().

double StatisticsOfArray::Mean ( void   )  [private]

References array, and arrayLength.

Referenced by StatisticsOfArray().

double StatisticsOfArray::MeanSquares ( void   )  [private]

References array, and arrayLength.

Referenced by Variance().

double StatisticsOfArray::Median ( double *  SortedArray,
int  Length 
) [private]

Referenced by StatisticsOfArray().

double StatisticsOfArray::Minimum ( void   )  [private]

References array, and arrayLength.

Referenced by StatisticsOfArray().

void StatisticsOfArray::SelectionSort ( double *  Array,
double *  SortedArray,
int  Length 
) [private]

References MaximumIndex().

Referenced by StatisticsOfArray().

double StatisticsOfArray::Variance ( void   )  [private]

References arrayLength, mean, and MeanSquares().

Referenced by StatisticsOfArray().

Member Data Documentation

double* StatisticsOfArray::array [private]
double StatisticsOfArray::maximum [private]

Referenced by GetMaximum(), and StatisticsOfArray().

double StatisticsOfArray::mean [private]
double StatisticsOfArray::median [private]

Referenced by GetMedian(), and StatisticsOfArray().

double StatisticsOfArray::minimum [private]

Referenced by GetMinimum(), and StatisticsOfArray().

double* StatisticsOfArray::sortedArray [private]

Referenced by StatisticsOfArray().

Referenced by GetStdDev(), and StatisticsOfArray().

double StatisticsOfArray::variance [private]

Referenced by GetVariance(), and StatisticsOfArray().

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