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Uzoma Anele
Uzoma Anele

UMBC Major: Biological Sciences
UMBC Graduation Year: 2009
Current Institution: University of Maryland School of Medicine
Anticipated Completion Date: 2013


UMBC helped me build the strong science foundation I will need during my first two years of medical school.


The Advising Office provided guidance and suggestions that allowed me to maintain and keep sight of my college and post-collegiate educational goals. The HPEC committee and their requirements kept me on schedule and greatly assisted me in preparation for the medical school application process.


Keeping up with studies is important, but do not neglect the world outside of classes and textbooks. Be a part of something and enjoy your undergraduate years. It may seem like you are overloaded with work and studying now, but trust me, at some point you’ll be looking back and wishing you could relive a week or even a day in undergrad.


It is so easy to burn out quickly in medical or any other professional school due to the lack of an emotional, mental, or physical outlet. You’ll find it beneficial to have activities that help break up the monotony and routine of simply going to class and studying all day, every day. Your undergraduate years are a good time to develop a base of friends who can be there for you now and down the road. It’s also wise to be involved in extracurricular activities for both your sake and also because most professional schools look for students who are more rounded or experienced in areas or organizations outside of pure academics.

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