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Ashley Francois
Ashley Francois

UMBC Major: Biological Sciences, Minor in English Literature
UMBC Graduation: 2009
Current Institution: University of Maryland School of Dentistry
Anticipated Completion Date: 2013


UMBC did a great job of preparing me for my studies at UMB. The Biological Sciences courses covered much of the same material that is covered in dental school. I have noticed that many of the elective courses—such as Microbiology—are also similar. The difficult exams that were given at UMBC are VERY similar to the dental school exams and I am thankful that the study habits I developed were able to carry over for these next four years. After graduating from a stringent program at UMBC, UMB is a challenge but is manageable. Some students do not know how to handle the heavy course/material load. I am thankful that I am already equipped for these academic pressures.


The Advising Office was a great resource because my advisor made sure that I was taking the courses that I needed in order to graduate on time. In addition, the prerequisites for dental school were not a problem given the attention from the advisors. I specifically remember my HPEC interview and the feedback I received for improving my resume and personal statement. I received constant encouragement and always was given perspective about my chances of getting into a professional school. The honesty was much appreciated.


To make most of your time at UMBC: pay attention in class. Don’t concentrate on getting a good grade, but rather focus on actually learning the material (then the good grade will follow); know it because the material will come back to haunt you! Get to know your teachers—they are a huge resource and so full of knowledge! Take advantage of them because you will need them for recommendations for medical school.


If you are looking to pursue dentistry, shadow other dentists to be sure that you know what you are getting yourself into. Before applying, visit some schools because you will want to go to a school that will cater to you! Don’t freak out—stress is a given, but I’ve always believed that if I did my best then that is all I can do. Dental school is just part of my path right now—it doesn’t define who I am.


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