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Simon Gray
Simon Gray

UMBC Major: Chemical Engineering
UMBC Graduation: 2008
Current Institution: Yale Medical School
Anticipated Completion Date: 2016 (MD/PhD)


After I left UMBC I attended the University of Cambridge where I received a master’s degree in chemical engineering. While studying there I realized what phenomenal preparation my UMBC classes gave me in the core competencies of my field. It also prepared me for the intensive research at Cambridge. When I began at Yale in medicine I found that, once again, UMBC’s academic rigor and challenging coursework prepared me well.


Because my undergraduate major was chemical engineering I was not exposed to the typical pre-med coursework. I was also ignorant of the process for applying to and getting accepted into medical school. The guidance I found through the Advising Office and Ms. Roelke was tremendously helpful. She helped keep me on track and was also great at guiding me through a few difficult decisions. When I applied to medical schools I felt very confident.


I encourage current undergraduates to take advantage of the terrific UMBC faculty. They are every bit as qualified as the professors I encountered at Cambridge and Yale. Plus the level of caring and involvement experienced at UMBC is exceptional—as are the research opportunities. No one should miss out on the chance to do research as an undergraduate.


I didn’t expect medical school to be so fun and exciting. There is so much to learn and see. It’s a pleasure to work with such smart and accomplished people on a daily basis. I still feel confident in myself and my abilities. Having an “atypical” major is not a hindrance at all. The students here come from all walks of life and we’re all brought together by medicine.

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