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Sasan Salimian
Sasan Salimian

UMBC Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
UMBC Graduation Year: 2009
Current Institution: University of Maryland School of Medicine
Anticipated Completion Date: 2013


UMBC is incredibly strong when it comes to the sciences. The caliber of classes and faculty are good preparation for any field of study. Not only because of what is learned, but how it is learned, emphasizing critical thinking and how to apply the concepts taught in class. These are exactly the kinds of skills that are essential to get through medical school.


The Advising Office does a wonderful job assisting students with every aspect of preparing for professional school. I received the personal attention I needed as I perfected my personal statement and was given advice that helped me not just when selecting schools to apply to but throughout the various stages of the medical school application process.


UMBC has become a real research powerhouse in the past few years. Regardless of the field, spending time doing research can only make it easier to get to the next level. The research opportunities at UMBC are everywhere. Simply go onto the department websites, read about the research being conducted in a field that interests you, and then contact the faculty to talk more about their research. It's just that easy.


Medicine is certainly a rewarding field to enter and demands a great deal from the mind. Unlike other such fields in academia, the interaction with those whom you help is direct and occurs on a daily basis. However, the journey to becoming a doctor is long, tough, filled with loans, and essentially locks you away studying and training during all of your 20s, if not longer. This is why you must do research and shadow and explore all your options. It’s not a light decision to apply to medical school, but if you become sure it’s what you want to do, being a physician can be one of the most gratifying jobs in the world.

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