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Rose Wilson
Rose Wilson

UMBC Major: Biology, Minor in Psychology
UMBC Graduation Year: 2010
Post-Graduation Plans: Anesthesiology Assistant Program, Nova Southeastern University


UMBC’s intensive science programs gave me both the knowledge and the study and comprehension skills necessary for the Anesthesiology Assistant Program after graduation. It serves as a great “training ground” for post-graduate study and I firmly believe that the level of difficulty of the science courses at UMBC prepares students for all sorts of post-graduate work, including professional schools, graduate schools, and immediate job placement.


Since I was a little girl, I had always dreamed of becoming a doctor. It wasn’t so much a dream as a reality waiting to be attained. My entire educational experience was a means to an end. I resigned myself to the fact that if I wanted to succeed as a doctor, I would have to give up certain things in life. I realized that for at least the next eight years, I would be giving up everything.

One day, towards the end of my junior year, I stopped to think about things. For the first time in years I allowed myself to admit that I wasn’t happy. It wasn’t just that I wasn’t happy in what I was doing but I wasn’t looking forward to the entire process of getting to where I wanted to end up. I was dreading the upcoming summer of medical school applications. I was dreading the interview process and selecting a school to attend. I was even dreading the thought of medical school and residency. With all of these doubts I couldn’t help but take a step back and examine my situation.

After much self-analysis and talking to close friends and family, I finally realized that I no longer wanted to go to medical school. At this point in my life, it has been the hardest decision I’ve had to make but also the most rewarding. Ms. Botdorf was central in helping me make this decision. She was incredibly supportive when I came to her for advice and she helped me think through the decision and see that it was okay to not want to go to medical school.


Sometimes UMBC is not given the credit it deserves for its preparation of students for post-graduate work. The courses are challenging and good experience for the more intense schooling encountered after graduation. Take advantage of the level of difficulty of your courses to improve studying and retention skills. There are great advising and career counseling services also that should be taken advantage of.  


Anesthesiology Assistant training is a growing allied health profession that is an excellent alternative to a stressful, time-consuming career as a medical doctor. I’m looking forward to having time for hobbies and a personal life while still being in the medical field and making a good salary. The two years necessary to become an Anesthesiology Assistant and the amount of flexibility in scheduling as well as the high salary upon certification makes it a great alternative to medical school.

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