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Programs For Graduate Study in the United Kingdom

Prestigious scholarship and fellowship programs for graduate and professional study vary widely.  Some are specifically designed to encourage Americans to study abroad.

Three of the most prominent programs support study in the United Kingdom:

The Rhodes Scholarship was created in 1902 by the will of British mining magnate Cecil Rhodes and is awarded to persons who demonstrate not only outstanding academic accomplishments, but also extraordinary leadership ability.  Participation in athletic competition is also a factor, but less so than in decades past. The Rhodes supports two years of study at Oxford University, in any field offered at Oxford. Rhodes Scholars come from around the world; 32 of the scholarships are reserved for Americans each year.  Rhodes Scholars include former President Bill Clinton, Maryland Senator Paul Sarbanes, Supreme Court Justice David Souter, and former Baltimore Mayor Kurt Schmoke. Women have been eligible for the Scholarship since 1977.

The Marshall Scholarship is specifically designed for Americans with high academic potential and a commitment to service and was created by the British Parliament in 1953 to strengthen Anglo-American relations.  Marshall Scholars may attend any college or university in the United Kingdom to study in any field offered.  This extremely prestigious award honors General and former Secretary of State George C. Marshall, architect of the Marshall Plan for reconstruction of Europe after World War II.  Marshall Scholars receive funding for two to three years of study. Women have been among the Marshall Scholarship recipients since the first class was chosen in 1954.

One of the newest scholarships for study in the U.K. was created in 2000 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and is known as the Gates Cambridge Scholarship. With a $230 million endowment, the program supports one to four years of graduate study at Cambridge University for scholars from around the world in all fields taught at Cambridge—from science and mathematics to the arts.  Roughly half of the Scholars selected are from the United States.  The primary criterion for selection is academic distinction and the potential to make a difference in your chosen field.


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