Fulbright Grants
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For Undergraduates

  Barry M. Goldwater
  Harry S. Truman
  Morris K. Udall

For Graduate Study

In the United Kingdom
  Gates Cambridge


Outside the United States
  George J. Mitchell
Other Opportunities
  Jack Kent Cooke
  Jacob Javits
  James Madison

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For general information about applying for Prestigious Scholarships at UMBC:

Ms. Nancy L. Miller
Coordinator of Special Projects

Key Features of Prestigious Scholarships

Download a comprehensive listing of major prestigious scholarships complete with descriptions, deadlines, and more!

Undergraduate vs. Graduate Level

Most are for graduate study but a few are for upper level undergraduates.

Study in a particular field or fields

Some scholarships support study in science, some in humanities, and some all fields without restriction.  A few support study in professions such as law and medicine.

Geographical limits

Some scholarships support study only in the U.S., other support only study abroad, and some support both. Some limit the study to particular institutions or any institution in a particular country.

Citizenship requirements

Many prestigious scholarships (but not all) are limited to U.S. citizens, including naturalized citizens.  Some are open to permanent resident aliens, and a few to citizens of countries other than the U.S.

Financial Need

Most prestigious scholarships are awarded without regard to financial circumstances, but a few take financial need into account as a secondary factor after determining that a candidate is extremely outstanding based on merit factors.


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