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UMBC values its retired faculty and staff members and encourages them to maintain contact with the University as members of the UMBC Association of Retired Faculty & Staff.

“Our retired faculty and staff have played a critical role in the development of UMBC, building the foundation on which our current achievements and our national recognition stand,” said Elliot Hirshman, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs. “Through the UMBC Association of Retired Faculty & Staff, retired faculty and staff have an opportunity to continue their participation in the institution they have created. Through a series of voluntary roles, our retired faculty and staff bring knowledge, expertise and wisdom that enrich the campus and help us advance as an academic institution."

All retired UMBC faculty and staff members are members of the non-dues paying UMBC Association of Retired Faculty & Staff and may partake of the benefits listed below.

Help us stay in touch with you! Please share your address, phone number and e-mail address by clicking here. This will not only allow us to keep your record up to date and provide a way for you to share your campus involvement and interest with us, but also help us make sure you receive UMBC Magazine and other campus publications. For questions or concerns, please contact Patrice McDermott, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs,, 410-455-3150.

2011-12 Faculty Mentor Positions Available

2011-2012 faculty mentor positions in the UMBC residential community are available. These positions are open to full-time UMBC faculty who are interested in interacting with students in the residential community. These are paid positions ($3,000 per year) and provide an excellent opportunity to get to know and interact with students outside of the classroom.

Contact David Clurman at or x53766 if you are interested in learning more about this opportunity.

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Albin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery Privileges
Retired faculty and staff have borrowing privileges at the Library with their UMBC Campus ID Card. To reactivate your Campus ID card, please contact your department.

E-mail Privileges
Retired faculty and staff are invited to continue to use their UMBC e-mail accounts. To reactivate your e-mail account, please contact your department.

Subscription to UMBC Magazine

Faculty Development Center
Retired faculty and staff are welcome to participate in events sponsored by the Faculty Development Center, including workshops, seminars and book discussion groups.

Friends of the Albin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery
Check-out the Friends of the AOK Library website to learn more about benefits of joining this group.

Athletic Events and Facility Use
Enjoy faculty and staff admission rates for athletic events and, with a valid UMBC ID card, use of facilities and programs at the Retriever Activities Center.

UMBC Bookstore
Retired faculty and staff are welcome to shop online for books and UMBC merchandise at

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To subscribe to the weekly UMBC Athletics newsletter, please contact Kevin Gibbons-O’Neill,, 410-455-1532.

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50th Anniversary
Dr. George LaNoue is writing a substantial history of UMBC for the 50th Anniversary. We would love retired faculty and staff’s assistance in gathering archival material to help with the project. Please contact the Library Administrative Office at 410-455-2356 or Lindsey Loeper at, in the Special Collections office, if you have UMBC archival materials that you want to donate.

Volunteer Opportunities

Undergraduate Student Experience
The undergraduate student experience is important to retention and student success. Consider volunteering in the following programs:

- Teach an Introduction to an Honors University seminar

- Participate in the New Student Book Experience

- Teach a First Year Seminar

- Nominate a book for the New Student Book Experience,

- Teach, advise, or mentor new students involved in the CSI Summer Bridge program

For more information about the Undergraduate Student Experience contact Jill Randles,, 410-455-3715.

Undergraduate Research
There are several ways of volunteering time and expertise to help UMBC Undergraduate Research. You can: Serve on the faculty selection committee that reviews Undergraduate Research Award (URA) proposals. This committee meets four or five time per year: September, February, March (x2), May. In some cases the March meetings are more than one hour.

Serve on the faculty committee that promotes Undergraduate and Creative Research Day (URCAD) and reviews student abstracts. This involves four meetings per year: September, February, March ( two- hour selection meeting), and May. Typically committee members are a significant presence on the day of URCAD: Wednesday, April 27, 2011.

Assist with the design and implementation of assessment of the research experience at UMBC. What do students gain from participating in research and in the campus-wide undergraduate research programs? Review manuscripts for the UMBC Review

Whether a faculty member is called on for this depends on subject areas covered in the manuscripts submitted in any given year. Proofread manuscript for UMBC Review. This involves a very quick turn-around time. There are 30 or more pages of manuscript at specified times in the production cycle, typically December and February. Proofread the program for URCAD program. This is during the first half of April and could involve more than one pass through the materials.

For more information about Undergraduate Research opportunities contact Janet McGlynn,, 410-455-5754.

Advising Students
Provide academic advising to students and participation in new student orientation at UMBC.

For more information about advising students contact Dr. Kenneth Baron,, 410-455-8113.

Play an instrument in the UMBC Pep Band.

For more information about being a member of the UMBC Pep Band contact Tom Maier,, 410-455-2198.

Undergraduate Admissions
Assist in the recruitment of new students by attending receptions that UMBC host for new students in various parts of Maryland (Baltimore County, Montgomery County, etc.).

For more information about admissions receptions and events contact Dale Bittinger,, 410-455-2278.

Learning Resources Center
The Learning Resources Center can benefit from your expertise in the following ways:

- Serve as a leadership mentors for interim or acting staff.

- Teach modules of EDUC 313/314 or other classes to enrich the curriculum.

- Teach additional sections of LRC 100, LRC 101, or LRC 101A as we add classes to meet enrollment demands.

- Tutor graduate level writing in the Writing Center (We have demand, but not funding.).

For more information about the Learning Resources Center, contact Cassie Bichy,, 410-455-2447.

UMBC Training Centers & Shriver Center
- Serve as a part-time teacher for our professional master's programs, undergraduate programs at Shady Grove, or Summer/Winter sessions.

- Help with research or analysis of data, either at CPS/DPET or, perhaps, The Shriver Center.

- Mentor and advise students on career issues, internships, etc., through The Shriver Center and/or the Career Development Center.

- Assist staff around a particular project like Industry Boards (that advise us on professional master's degrees).

- Consult around a particular problem or issue that a department is dealing with supporting outreach or recruitment, especially working professionals (for professional master's), for summer and winter students and for undergraduate and graduate programs at Shady Grove.

For more information about the UMBC Training Centers and the Shriver Center contact John Martello,, 410-455-3832.

UMBC Relationship Violence Prevention Advocates
Serve as an advocate for relationship and violence prevention advocate. For more information about becoming a relationship violence prevention advocate contact Kim Leisey, Student Affairs,, 410-455-2393.


Retired employees of UMBC already made an important impact in the lives of our students; supporting UMBC with a financial gift is one more important way of making a difference in the lives of others. Even modest gifts add up to help current students, faculty and staff succeed. Your gift demonstrates an important vote of confidence in our University and shows our students how much we care about their success at UMBC.

UMBC Annual Fund
Planned Giving
Retriever Learning Center

For questions or concerns, please contact Patrice McDermott, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs,, 410-455-3150.

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