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Transtheoretical Predictors of Nondaily Smoking
Van Orden, Onna, M.A., University of Maryland Baltimore County, 2010

Nondaily smokers, although growing in numbers, have been under-researched in psychology. This study compared daily and nondaily college smokers across variables related to processes of chnge and the Transtheoretical Model of Intentional Behavior Change (TTM). An internet-based survey was completed by 162 students from Maryland universities(84 nondaily and 78 daily smokers). Data were collected across TTM-related and other smoking-related variables. A series of independent samples t-tests were used to examine differences between the two groups, followed by a series of logistic regressions to test a model of pre-selected sets of variables to classify the two groups, and an exploratory model that classified smokers using only predictors that were significantly different in the t-tests. Within a family homogenous college sample, differences emerged between daily and nondaily smokers across variables reflecting biological, social, and psychological differences, suggesting the need for continued research and intervention strategies that target these groups separately.