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Title "Spirituality and Sense of Community at the Helping Up Mission Analyzed
using the Cox Proportional-Hazards Survival Regression Model." Poster presentation at the 2007 John's Hopkins Conference for the Dissemination of Student Research on Addictions, Infectious Disease, and Public Health.


The study examines the relationship between sense of community,
spirituality and time spent in treatment at the Christian based
modified therapeutic community for substance abusing homeless men,
Helping Up Mission (HUM). This study will examine the relationship
between scores on the Sense of Community Index (SCI), Spiritual Well
Being Scale (SWBS), exploratory demographic variables and the amount
of time spent in the program using survival analysis. The findings
indicate that spirituality and sense of community did not
significantly predict retention in this study. The findings may
indicate the viability of treatment facilities such as HUM for
individuals who are not moved by spirituality. The robust significant
finding that older program participants were more successful may
contribute to knowledge about appropriate treatment for different age
populations, with homeless substance abusers.