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Policy Briefs

Policy Briefs are occasional papers that summarize relevant public policy research by UMBC faculty and students. Opinions expressed in a Policy Brief are those of the author and not the Department of Public Policy or UMBC. For more information, contact the editor, Anne Roland (

No. 7 - March 2009
Family Separation and the Educational Success of Immigrant Children, by T. H. Gindling and Sara Poggio

No. 6 - August 2007
Determinants of Behavior Among Women Choosing to Engage in Street Level Prostitution, by Lyn Murphy

No. 5 - June 2007
Addressing Maryland's Structural Deficit through Better Performance Budgeting and Priority-Setting, by Roy T. Meyers

No. 4 - March 2007
The Concerned Citizen's Guide to Slot Machine Gambling and Horse Racing in Maryland, by Robert E. Carpenter

No. 3 - February 2007
Evaluating the Impact of Managed Care on Service Use and Disparities in Care Among Children and Adolescents Receiving Medicaid, by Todd Eberly

No. 2 - January 2007
Six Recommendations for Reframing Monopolization Law, by Tim Brennan

No. 1 - April 2005
Focus on Foster Care Services: Evaluation of Cecil County's Team Approach, by David Ayer