Research & Scholarship at UMBC

Policies and Procedures

Research Related Policies

USM III-1.10 USM Policy on Misconduct in Scholarly Work
UMBC III-1.10.01 UMBC Policy and Procedures for Handling Allegations of Misconduct in Research and other Scholarly Activities
USM III-1.11  USM Policy on Conflicts of Interest in Research or Development
UMBC III-1.11.01 UMBC Policy on Individual Conflicts of Interest in Research & Product Development
UMBC III-1.11.02 UMBC Interim Policy on Conflicts of Interest in PHS Research
USM IV-1.00 USM Policy for the Establishment and Review of Centers and Institutes in the University of Maryland System
USM IV-2.00 USM Policy on Solicitation and Acceptance of Sponsored Projects
UMBC IV-2.00.01 UMBC Consistent Application of Facility and Administrative (F & A) Costs
UMBC IV-2.00.02  UMBC Policy on Sponsored Projects and Gifts
UMBC IV-2.00.03 UMBC Policy on PI Eligibility
USM IV-2.10 USM Policy on Human Subjects of Research
USM IV-2.20 USM Policy on Classified and Proprietary Work
UMBC IV-2.20.01 UMBC Export Control Policy
USM IV-3.00 USM Policy on Patents
USM IV-3.10 USM Policy on Copyrights
USM IV-3.20  USM Policy on Intellectual Property
UMBC IV-3.20.01  UMBC Intellectual Property Policy
UMBC VI-6.10.01 UMBC Policy on Records Management
USM VI-13.00  USM Policy on Campus Emergency Planning, Preparedness, and Response
UMBC VI-13.00.01 UMBC Environmental Safety and Health Management and Enforcement
UMBC VIII-1.10.01 UMBC Policy for Capital Equipment
UMBC VIII-1.10.02 UMBC Policy for Non-Capital and Sensitive Equipment
UMBC VIII-7.00.01 UMBC Policy on Cost Transfers
USM VIII-7.10  USM Policy on Reporting Suspected or Known Fiscal Irregularities

Research Procedures

Centers, Institutes and Laboratories

Procedures for Establishment and Review of Centers, Institutes and Laboratories

Contracts and Grant Accounting

Allocability Scenarios
Application of F&A Rates to Sponsored Projects
Cost Sharing Scenarios
Direct Charging of Costs to Federal Grants & Contracts & Other Sponsers Procedures
Disclosure Statement Information for Cost Accounting Practices
Depositing Sponsored Project Checks
Examples of Allocation Methods
Examples of Major Projects under 2 CFR 220 (OMB Circular A-21)
Financial Extramural Award Closeout Procedures for Contract and Grant Accounting
Financial Extramural Award Closeout Checklist for Departmental Administrators
UMBC Facilities and Administrative Costs Rate Agreement

Environmental Safety and Health

Biohazardous Materials and Waste Disposal
Biosafety and Recombinant DNA Research
Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan

Office for Research Protections and Compliance

Animal Use and Care Procedures
Biosafety Procedures
Conflict of Interest Reporting Procedures
Export Control Management Procedures
Human Research Use Procedures

Office of Sponsored Programs

Award Terms Order of Precedence
Award Types Definitions 
Establishing Pre-Award Accounts
Indirect Costs Related to Centers 
Instructions to Routing Form 

Maryland State Law and Externally Funded Awards
OSP Extramural Award Closeout Procedures
Overall Extramural Award Closeout Checklist for PI’s
Prior Approval Requirements
Procedure for Approving UMBC Employee’s Principal Investigator Status 
Procedure for Determining Off-campus Projects
Procedure for Data Use Agreements
Procedure For Limited Competition RFPS 
Procedure for No Cost Extension 
Proposal Processing Deadline 
Subcontract Processing Procedures


updated 03/07/2014