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October 20, 2005

UMBC Research Park and Incubator News

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Athena Environmental Sciences, Inc. Announces Line of Environmentally Friendly Products
AthenaES has announced the launch of a new line of environmentally friendly products. The first of these is MagiGlue, a superior multipurpose glue with the unique property of being reversible with water, which makes MagiGlue perfect for temporary applications as well as standard glue uses. The glue is superior to standard multipurpose glues because it can be used in a greater range of applications-- MagiGlue adheres to not only paper, wood, fabric and most plastics, but also to metal and glass. It is also safe to use on photographs.

MagiGlue's bond can be reversed with water, which is excellent for temporary home projects such as holiday displays, dorm decorations, dashboard figures and many more. MagiGlue is also ideal for temporary manufacturing applications including labeling of products, appliance stickers, temporary signage, parts assembly operations and positioning and holding during micromachining operations. The glue is also suitable for wound dressings and other medical adhesive applications.

MagiGlue is made from all natural polymers. It contains no animal by-products, is petroleum-free, and is completely non-toxic.

RWD Technologies and BPT Partners Align Forces to Revolutionize Return on Investment in the CRM Industry
RWD Technologies, Inc. (RWD), a company that develops, implements, and supports products and services in the areas of training, consulting, and organizational performance, and BPT Partners, LLC, a leading customer relationship management (CRM) training and research company, announced today a strategic alliance expected to offer a number of unique services in the CRM industry, including expertise that will give companies a more successful capability to achieve their return on investment (ROI) as well as the means and tools to identify and deliver it. Read more.

SPI USA, Inc. and Omnia Biologics, Inc. Sign Collaboration Agreement
SPI USA, Inc. has announced an agreement to provide biotechnology and pharmaceutical consulting services for Rockville-based Omnia Biologics, Inc., which specializes in customized manufacturing for the development of vaccines, gene therapeutics and biodefense products. Read More.


Aurora Analytics, LLC Launches New Product Line
Aurora Analytics, LLC has launched a new product line known as G-MARK. The featured products are glucuronide diagnostic standards. Glucuronides are biomarkers to determine if alcohol consumption has occurred in humans for both clinical and forensics purposes. The Web-based launch in July was followed by U.S. and international sales in August, including the largest U.S. commercial testing laboratory.

AVIcode Hires New Sales VPAVIcode, Inc. recruited an executive from BMC Software--a major player in software circles--to drive sales of the smaller, local company's own lines. Mark Davis, who will serve as AVIcode's vice president of sales, comes from BMC Software (NYSE: BMC) a Houston-based software giant with offices worldwide and fiscal 2005 revenues of more than $1.46 billion. At BMC, Davis managed all aspects of sales operations for its mid-market product line, while overseeing field channel activities for all BMC enterprise and emerging growth customers.

"Mark is widely recognized in the field for his ability to dramatically influence both top- and bottom-line corporate performance, while building and managing sales teams that consistently deliver the big wins," said AVIcode CEO Mike Curreri.

Cognate's new CEO is biopharmaceutical veteran
A longtime executive of the biopharmaceutical industry has become the CEO of Cognate Therapeutics. Brandon Price, who most recently was vice president of biotechnology services for Cardinal Health (NYSE: CAH), one of the country's largest companies, has been named CEO and a member of the board for Baltimore-based Cognate, a privately held company attempting to develop drugs using adult-stem cells for cardiac, peripheral vascular and orthopedic indications. Read more.

InVitro Technologies, Inc. Forms Partnership with SOVLO Biotechnologies, Inc.InVitro Technologies, Inc. (IVT) and Budapest-based SOLVO Biotechnologies, Inc. have formed a strategic partnership to distribute SOLVO's leading in vitro ABC Membrane Transporter Assay Product line in the United States and Canada. InVitro Technologies is a leader in the development, production, sale and trade of in vitro testing products and services for studying chemical-biological interactions in vitro. Read More.

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