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Welcome to UMBC Residential Life's 2015 Housing Selection! We have a new process available which will enable you to choose a room for next year. Our system is fully online and will allow you to participate in Housing Selection using your smartphone, tablet, or any computer. No more lines, no more waiting. Just apply, connect, and select!

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Gender Neutral - Shared housing regardless of gender or biological sex. Requirements can be found in the online application

Group Residents - will form roommate groups of 1-4 people for all procedures except for Squatting & singles. Groups larger than 4 will not be placed together

Group Leader - Person who creates a group and selects a room or apartment for group members

Housing Selection - Process where current residents choose rooms for the next academic year

March 31st - Major deadline to apply and submit your on-line license for priority housing for the 2014-2015 academic year

One Stop - Option to have Residential Life staff select a room for you

Opt-In - Button you will click to join a housing selection process on-line

Opt-out - Button you will click to withdraw from a housing selection process on-line

Passcode - This is a completely random code unique to you and is not a password – it is only to match roommates. You should give your group leader this passcode. The person that enters the passcodes automatically becomes the group leader

Squatting - Option to keep your current space for next year in residence hall doubles or Walker Avenue only. You may only squat as an individual

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February 9 @ 12:00PM - Applications and licenses available online

February 10 @ 3:30PM - Walker Avenue Apartments Info Session in Apartment Community Center

February 11 @ 12:00PM - Housing Selection and Walker Info Session in Apartment Community Center

February 27 @ 11:59PM - Dealine for submitting your housing application and license

March 5 @ 7:30PM - Roommate Mixer in Apartment Community Center Multi-purpose Room hosted by the Resident Student Association (RSA)

March 6 @ 12:00PM - Deadline to Opt-in to apply for a single in a residence hall

March 9 @ 12:00PM - Deadline to Opt-in to apply for an Apartment(Terrace, Hillside, West Hill)

March 9 @ 12:00PM - Deadline to form roomate groups for Walker Avenue Apartments

March 11 @ 7:30PM - Roomate Mixer in Harbor Hall Multi-purpose Room hosted by the Resident Student Association (RSA)

March 16-March 20 - Spring Break

March 23 @ 12:00PM - Deadline to Opt-in to apply for an 8-month Residence Hall space

March 23 @ 12:00PM - Deadline to Opt-in to apply for a 9-month Residence Hall space

Eligibility - Who Can Participate?
· Must be in good financial standing (have $0 UMBC student account balance). Students on the Monthly Payment Plan will be able to participate fully as long as payments are up to date.
· Must apply online and submit online housing license by February 27th at 11:59PM.
· 5th year students and beyond are guarenteed housing at Walker Avenue Apartments. Graduate students are also only eligible to apply for Walker Avenue Apartments Housing

Applying - Choose Walker Avenue or Residential Life Housing
Your first decision will be whether you want to live in Residential Life Housing or Walker Avenue Apartments. Starting on February 9th, the following applications are shown when you log into Residence:
· Residential Life Housing Application 2015-2016
· Walker Avenue Apartments Housing Application 2015-2016
NOTE: You can select either Residential Life OR Walker, but not both - so make sure oyu've decided which option you want BEFORE you click the application. You will not see the Walker option if you have less than 39 credits.

If you are a...

And you are...


Current Reslife Resident

Staying in Reslife Housing

Submitting a new license by Feb 27th authorizes Residential Life to roll you housing deposit that is already on file forward into the next academic year. If you cancel your application at a later date you will forfeit the deposit in addition to cancellation fees.

Current Reslife Resident

Moving to Walker Housing

Submitting a Walker license by Feb 27th authorizes Residential Life to forward your existing $200 housing deposit up to Walker for the reservation fee. If you cancel with Walker you will forfeit the $200 you had on file in addition to cancellation fees.

Current Walker Resident

Staying in Walker Housing

You must pay a new $200 reservation fee to Walker each year.

Current Walker Resident

Moving to Reslife Housing

You must pay a $200 deposit when submitting your application


New Roommate Searching Module
Get ready to fid a roommate! You can fiter for students with similar preferences to fid a good match for you for the next academic year. You can fiter on items such as bedtime, room condition, allergies, etc. You can send a potential roommate a message through the system. That person will need to “accept” your offer before you become a group. You may choose to not have your profie searched at any time by setting your “Matching Profie Visibility” to “Hide”. We are excited to launch this new feature for Housing Selection 2015! You may also form groups with specifi roommates you already know by having one person indicate the roommate’s code. You may form groups of 1, 2, 3, or 4.

Living Learning Communities (LLCs)
If you are interested in returning to your same Living Learning Community please fil out -- “Living Learning Communities: I am currently living on a Living Learning Community floor/ wing and would like to return to the same community for the 2015-2016 academic year” on your application. You must submit your housing application and license by the February 27th deadline. You should work closely with the Program Coordinator for your flor to determine if you are eligible to return to the flor. If you cannot return to the flor you’ll need to make another housing selection.

Quiet Lifestyle
Quiet lifestyle flors enjoy extended quiet hours per community agreement. These floors are:
• Chesapeake 3rd West (8-Month Residence Hall Selection)
• Erickson 4th South (8-Month Residence Hall Selection)
• Harbor 4th South (8-Month Residence Hall Selection)
• Patapsco Basement East (8-Month Residence Hall Selection)
• Potomac Basement South (9-Month Residence Hall Selection)
• Hillside - Elk (RL Apartment Selection)
• Terrace - Chincoteague (RL Apartment Selection)

Meal Plans
Please note that you will be billed for the meal plan you select on your housing application. If you wish to change your meal plan you will need to contact the Campus Card offie directly after July 1st by sending them an RT ticket from the “help” tab in your myUMBC account. If you do not select a meal plan and you are assigned to a residence hall you will automatically be billed for the 10-meal-a-week plan. All students living in a residence hall are required to be on a meal plan. Students living in Potomac and Harbor 9-month housing are required to purchase a winter session meal plan of at least a $50 flex plan.

Housing for Students with Special Needs
If you are currently in a space with a disability or medical accommodation, remember to submit your application and housing license by the February 27th deadline. You must work with Valerie Valentine: or call 410-455-8496 in Student Support Services for any kind of housing accommodation. If you are in a medical single, please apply for a single during the Singles selection process.

Requesting Current Commuters, Transfers or Incoming Freshmen as Roommates
Due to the different housing selection cycles, current residential students are not able to select current commuters, incoming freshmen, or transfer students as roommates during the Housing Selection process.


Getting Started!
Beginning on March 2nd you will see all housing selection options that are available to you. To participate in an option you must “opt-in” to the housing selection process. You may only “option” to one option at a time. You may also start to use the roommate search feature and form groups. Remember that 4-person groups receive priority in all selection processes - so it is to your benefit to form a 4-person group.


Opt-in Dates

Selection Dates


Single Room Selection

March 2 - March 6 @ 12:00PM

ResLife Assigns you to a space

Want to live in a single room in a Residence Hall? We have a variety of single rooms available including our 4-person single suites in Harbor Hall for groups. Opt-in for the Singles process and our Residential Life staff will assign you to a specific place.

Walker Avenue Apts Selection

March 2 - March 9 @ 12:00PM

March 12 - March 13

This option is only available if you and your group apply to Walker Avenue Apartments in February. More information on Walker Avenue Apartments can be found at Meal plans optional.

ResLife Apartments Selection

March 2 - March 9 @ 12:00PM

March 12 - March 13

Want to live in an apartment in Hillside, Terrace, or West Hill? All assignments in the apartments are 9-month spaces. Meal plans optional. Apartment residents share the cost of utilities which are billed separately.

8-month Residence Hall Selection

March 2 - March 23 @ 12:00PM

March 26 - March 27

8-month Residence Hall spaces include Chesapeake, Patapsco, Susquehanna, Erickson, and 8-month Harbor floors . Remember - 8-month housing means that buildings close for Thanksgiving, Winter Break, and Spring Break. Meal plans are required.

9-month Residence Hall Selection

March 2 - March 23 @ 12:00PM

March 26 - March 27

9-month housing stays open during break periods - including Thanksgiving, Winter Break, and Spring Break! We recommend 9-month housing if you live out of state or plan to take Winter Session classes. This process includes spaces in Potomac Hall and 9-month Harbor flors 1st West, 2nd West, 3rd South, and 3rd West. An additional winter meal plan is required for these spaces.

One Stop

February 9 - February 27


The low stress option! Residential Life will assign you to a roommate and residential space based on your preferences. To choose this option, indicate a One Stop preference on your housing application. Applying for One Stop means that you will not be able to opt-in to any other process.

Gender Neutral Housing

February 9 - February 27

March 26 - March 27

Gender Neutral Housing is a housing option in which two or more students share a multiple-occupancy apartment, in mutual agreement, regardless of the students’ sex, gender, gender identity, or gender expression. More information: Click Here. All group members must have indicated a preference for Gender Neutral housing on the housing application. Applying for Gender Neutral housing will mean that you will not be able to opt-in to any other process.