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Community Living Principles

When you chose to become part of the UMBC community, you chose to take advantage of a great opportunity! By choosing to live on campus, you will benefit by learning things about yourself and others that might not have been discovered elsewhere. With your choice comes a responsibility: to live your life in a way that helps everyone get the most out of their experience. We believe that living successfully on campus requires everyone to understand and act from a set of community living principles that shows respect for that responsibility. You are expected to:

Live and study with integrity.
Become the kind of community member that people can count on to fulfill promises and agreements made with others, to abide by the rules and expectations we agree to live under by choosing to live on campus, to help those in need, and to hold people who aren’t meeting these responsibilities accountable for their actions.

Seek to understand others.
No one is just like you. We all have different experiences, needs, and hopes for our time at UMBC and the future. These differences create opportunities for learning and for conflict. Celebrating what makes us unique and discovering what we have in common makes it easier to see things from others’ points of view and make the most of our relationships.

Cooperate and compromise.
Being a community member means that just as you will benefit by having the help of others when you need something, there will be times when others need you to pitch in. It also means remembering that as others will “bend a little” for you, there will be times when you are asked to be the one who bends to make the experience better for someone else.

Take action to improve your community.
You’ve heard the expression “you get out what you put in,” and that’s as true here at UMBC as anywhere else. Want to start something new? See a change you’d like to make? Then get involved! Positive contributions strengthen community.