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Community Activities Boards (CAB)

Within the Resident Student Association (RSA), there are CABs that represent each individual community. They provide social programs, events and activities that benefit their communities. In addition, they address issues facing their students.

CABs setup their own meeting times and will be posted in each community. You can receive more information by speaking with the community staff member or contacting RSA.

Floor and Building Programs

Your RA will organize and sponsor a variety of programs each semester. These programs will be as diverse as the residents who live around you. Typical programs may include a faculty discussion, a self defense workshop, card tournaments, an international dinner, a weekend picnic, a cultural awareness activity, a softball game, a discussion on critical social and world issues, a drug education program, a roommate workshop, and more. Whatever your interests are, these programs provide opportunities to get to know the people you live with and to learn new skills and information while enjoying yourself. If you have an idea for a program that you would like to attend or help plan, do not hesitate to let your RA know.

Peer Review Council

The PEER REVIEW COUNCIL (PRC) is a group of residential student leaders who decide the outcome of cases involving fellow students alleged to have violated the residential life rules outlined in the guide to community living. PRC membership is a wonderful volunteer leadership opportunity. No experience necessary--Training will be provided.

Resident Student Association

The Resident Student Association (RSA) at UMBC is an organization dedicated to improving the residential community. They meet meet weekly to discuss important issues, share ideas among the Community Action Boards (CABs), and sponsor programs and events benefiting the residential community.

Staff Positions  

Residential Life hires more than 160 students each year to work at the desk, to fill RA and DM positions, to serve as MAs, and to work as office assistants. Working for Residential Life is more than just a job. You will receive in-depth training, gain leadership skills, and learn to handle all sorts of issues and emergencies with confidence. You will become part of one of the most important teams on campus while developing marketable job skills.

Most new staff are selected during the Spring semester for the following academic year. Look for advertisements about Spring staff selection toward the end of the Fall semester and at the beginning of the Spring semester. A smaller number of staff continue to be hired throughout the year as vacancies occur. If you are interested in being part of the staff, you can contact people who are currently in these positions to get information about the job. Call or stop by the Erickson Hall office (410-455-2591) for RA, MA, DM, PA, DS, and Office Assistant applications. If you are interested in working on desk staff, stop by the residence hall and/or apartment desks to pick up an application.

Welcome Week Leaders (Woolies)

Returning students can serve as a Welcome Week Leader. As a Welcome Week Leader, you will become involved in helping new students in their adjustment to UMBC and living on campus. You would probably agree that your first year at college is a critical one. A Welcome Week Leader helps by introducing new students to UMBC's community, resources, and activities. Welcome Week Leaders receive training and a chance to hold a campus leadership position. Look for information during the spring, or contact Student Life at (410) 455-3462 for more information.