Vehicle Overview

The 2013 vehicle built upon the success of years of design iteration with the addition of ambitious perfromance modifications.  Key features to note are:

  • Frame- Retaining front bracing from 2012 allowed for increased design flexibility, serviceability, and a more aggressive appearance.¬†Complex bends, especially in the rear frame, aided in assembly simplicity.
  • Drivetrain- Once again, UMBC Racing undertook the production of our own custom CVT system specifically designed for a mini-baja vehicle.¬† With a complete primary redesign over 2012 and continued optimization of the secondary, UMBC Racing competed in the 2013 season with the lightest CVT for this application.
  • Suspension- The 2013 vehicle makes a statement as it rolls along with massive 25" tires. Coupled with extensive testing time and 15" of wheel travel all-around, this suspension system is ready to take on almost any obstacle.
  • Ergonomics- An adjustable pedal assembly was implemented in order to fit users of almost any size.
  • Data Acquisition- A custom instrument panel and data acquisition system was built allowing the driver to monitor vital vehicle statistics in real-time as well as log vehicle data for tuning purposes.
  • Aesthetics- The 2013 vehicle was UMBC Racing's first attempt at completely fiberglass body panels.
2013 Awards

Baja SAE Tennessee

  • 3rd- Acceleration

Baja SAE Washington

  • 8th- Overall
  • 1st- Overall Design
  • 3rd- Cost

Baja SAE New York

  • 7th- Overall
  • 1st- Overall Design
  • 3rd- Cost

Overall 2013

6th- Mike Schmidt Iron Team