Enviornomental Safety and Health

Medical Waste

Medical waste is defined as waste potentially contaminated with infectious agents, human, or animal tissues, or body fluids, or "sharps".

Examples: Microbiological cultures, clinical specimens (urine, feces, blood, etc.), all human and anatomical waste, all animal carcasses except those containing radioactive materials, contaminated animal bedding, all "sharps" not contaminated with radioactive materials.


All laboratory wastes suspected of being contaminated with potentially infectious materials must be autoclaved. Autoclave bags (polypropylene) must be used. Ordinary plastic bags will melt in the autoclave. All bags must be secondarily contained in either a polypropylene tote or a stainless steel tote.


Contaminated Disposable Glassware

  1. Decontaminate the glassware (e.g. autoclave, gas or chemical methods).
  2. Place in sturdy, sealable, cardboard box for disposal.
  3. Close the box and secure it with filament tape.
  4. Dispose as General Waste

Please Note: ESH dosen not provide Disposable Glassware Boxes


Animal Carcasses/Tissues

Animal carcasses that have been injected with regulated hazardous chemicals during the course of an experiment must be labeled with the amount of that hazardous chemical remaining in the animal carcass and disposed of as chemical waste.

  1. Place animal/tissue in a plastic bag, close, then double bag and place in the freezer.
  2. To schedule a pick up call ESH at 410-455-2918.


Examples of "Sharps": Needles, syringes, scalpel blades, razor blades, ect.

  1. Place intact needles and syringes and other sharps into an autoclavable, puncture resistant "sharps" container.
  2. Do not recap, bend, remove or clip needles.
  3. Fill 3/4 full, snap the lid closed and secure with filament tape.
  4. Do not overfill or force fill the "sharps “container. This may result in puncture wounds.
  5. Call ESH at 410-455-2918 to have sharps containers removed.

Please Note: ESH does not provide "Sharps" conatiners. Do NOT place free-flowing liquids in sharps containers.

sharps container