Enviornomental Safety and Health

Mulch Fires

Mulch fires on the UMBC campus are generally a nuisance type of fire that pose little if any threat to University buildings, staff, faculty, students or visitors. Most fires occur during normal business hours. The Department of Environmental Safety and Health will cooperate with Facilities Management, and the Ground Shop to respond to mulch fires on campus. The following procedures will apply to reports of fires on UMBC property:

If a mulch fire is reported to University Police, they will:

  1. If appropriate, send officers to secure the area
  2. Contact work control (5-2550) (Work Control will contact the Ground Shop) Report Your Location.
  3. Contact ESH (5-2918)

If mulch fire is reported to Work Control, they will:

  1. Contact University Policy (5-5555)
  2. Contact he Ground Shop
  3. Contact ESH (5-2918)


Ground Shop

  1. Assemble pre-designatied personnel and equipment
  2. Respond to location of reported mulch fire
  3. Extinguish fire


  1. Respond to location of reported mulch fire
  2. Supervise and assist in extinguishing fire
  3. Determine when fire is extinguished and release Ground Shop personnel.

Before 7:30 a.m. or after 4:30 p.m. weekdays or on weekends: Contact the Fire Department