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Is the MPS Right for You?

The chart below explains how the M.P.S.: Biotechnology compares with other types of degrees.

Program Components

MPS: Biotechnology


Traditional M.S/Ph.D. Program

Admissions Criteria

Undergraduate degree can be in a range of life science disciplines, including biology, chemistry, biochemistry, chemical and biochemical engineering

Accepts applicants with a wide range of backgrounds; undergraduate degree in sciences is not required

Undergraduate degree must be in same discipline in which you are pursuing an advanced degree

Program Content

Includes mix of advanced level bioscience classes and management classes

Courses are focused on business

Focused coursework on research skills and highly specialized scientific knowledge

Degree Intent

To prepare students to move from the research bench to the business side of biotechnology

To produce T-shaped employees who can work effectively in biotechnology-related businesses because they integrate depth in the biosciences with a broad understanding of business and management

To prepare students for executive level leadership in various types of businesses

To prepare students to become academic researchers in universities and/or industry; to provide depth and academic rigor in studies


Part-time students can finish in two years

Traditional programs take two years of full-time study

Two to eight years, depending on the degree sought