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Program Costs

Tuition and Fees for 2014/2015 Academic Year

Breakdown of tuition and fees for a student taking one (three-credit) course:



Maryland Resident
Non-Maryland Resident

Tuition (MD resident = $557 per credit, Non-resident = $922)



Shady Grove Auxiliary Facilities Fee ($53.50 per semester)



Shady Grove Technology Fee ($13 per credit)






Application Fee       

$70 (paper), $50 (on line)

One-time matriculation fee*


*The one time matriculation fee will be paid during the first two semesters of enrollment for master's degree-seeking students, and the fee will be posted to student accounts automatically: $100 will be charged the first semester; $100 will be charged the second semester.

Certificate and non-degree students will not be charged a matriculation fee or orientation fee. The certificate diploma fee will continue to be charged when the application for certificate diploma is submitted to the Graduate School. For more information on the matriculation fee, please click here.

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