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UMBC provides a unique environment for students to earn a degree in Montgomery County at The Universities at Shady Grove (USG).  Students transferring from regional community colleges or four year institutions will have access to UMBC’s best faculty, dynamic learning environment, and individualized advising without commuting to Baltimore.  At The Universities at Shady Grove, UMBC offers you the best of both worlds by providing our reputation in your backyard.  A dynamic mix of talented, engaged and experienced professors teach students in small classroom sized-settings.  Students complete their lower-level courses, including prerequisites and general education requirements and electives at a Maryland community college and their upper level requirements with UMBC-Shady Grove. Classes are taught by UMBC professors, and students receive a UMBC degree upon graduation.

With an emphasis on international historical perspectives, UMBC’s Bachelor of Arts in History at the Universities at Shady Grove is designed to provide a broad overview of the human past by exploring how different peoples have built their worlds and made sense of them over time.  UMBC History Alumni have enjoyed success in business, government, education, law, and public policy—and as entrepreneurs.

The History Program also offers a minor in public history, a field which brings together historians with partners and audiences to engage in productive conversations about the value and usefulness of the past.  The public history minor introduces students to a wide breadth of practices, including historic sites documentation, cultural resources management, historic preservation planning, oral history, museum studies, and digital history.  All our students are encouraged to engage in active learning and research experiences in the many museums, historical societies and government agencies in the Washington-Baltimore metropolitan area.

Students enrolling in the Bachelor of Arts program in History at UMBC-Shady Grove will complete approximately two years of full-time study prior to entry and complete the remainder of their upper-level credits with UMBC-Shady Grove.  Students may transfer a maximum of 60 credits from a two-year school and 90 credits from a four-year school to UMBC.

Students planning to attend UMBC-Shady Grove should see their Transfer Counselor and/or a UMBC-Shady Grove program representative to allow for a smooth transition and to best prepare to reach their academic goals. To meet with a UMBC-Shady Grove representative, please register to attend an upcoming Information Session.