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UMBC-Shady Grove History Program Director

Nolan, Dr. Andrew

Program Director

Department: History

Phone: 301-738-6182

Office: Bldg III, Room 4155


Dr. Andrew Nolan is the History Program Director for UMBC at the Universities at Shady Grove. His teaching focuses on modern U.S. history, cultural and constitutional history, and historical writing and research methods. He is currently working on a book that explores the 1925 Scopes trial as a symbolic opening in an ongoing debate over the nature of the modern American nation. This research also resulted in an article titled “Making Modern Men: The Scopes Trial, Masculinity and Progress in the 1920s United States,” which he published in the April 2007 edition of Gender & History .

He is currently focusing on developing the new program at Shady Grove, which will shepherd students through the third- and fourth-years of their college careers and provide them with the UMBC history degree grounded in critical thinking, analytical reading, and clear writing. In his spare time, he will continue to research his next project, which explores popular representations of human evolution—and dinosaurs—in U.S. culture.


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