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Social Work




Meet Your Faculty


UMBC-Shady Grove Social Work Program Director Katie MorrisMorris, Katherine

Program Director
Department: Social Work
Phone: 301-738-6312

Office: Bldg III, Room 4141

Katherine Morris, M.S.W., is Program Director of Social Work at the Universities at Shady Grove in Rockville, MD.  Ms. Morris has a B.A. in Psychology from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA and an M.S.W. from the University of Pennsylvania.  Prior to her employment with UMBC, she worked as a therapist providing cognitive behavioral and motivational enhancement therapy to individuals with alcohol and substance dependence in Philadelphia.  In 2001, Ms. Morris moved to Maryland and was employed as a therapist at a mental health rehabilitation program in Prince George's County, where she worked with individuals with persistent mental illness in individual and group settings.  She currently teaches Information Technology in Social Work as well as the Methods sequence, and is an advisor to the Shady Grove Social Work Student Association (SWSA).

Courses: SOWK 240 ( Information Technology in Social Work); SOWK 397 (Methods 1)

Research/Clinical Areas: Enhancing student writing and student success among first generation and bilingual students


Chakmakian, Elisabeth

Courses: SOWK 260 (Introduction to Social Welfare, Social Policy and Social Work I)

Research/Clinical Areas: Enhancing critical thinking skills and technology among students; working with individuals presenting with anxiety, depression gender and sexuality issues


Kusmaul, Nancy Dr.

Courses: SOWK 369: Contemporary Issues, Cultures, and Social Work Practices in Aging           

Research/Clinical Areas: Direct care workers in organizations, particularly nursing home Certified Nursing Assistants.


Harfoot, Lisa

Courses: SOWK 389 (Human Behavior 2); SOWK 372 (Social Work and Healthcare)

Research/Clinical Areas: Aging and Healthcare


Hoover, Jeanette

Department: Social Work

Phone: 301-738-6108

Office: Bldg III, Room 4137

Courses: SOWK 388 (Human Behavior and the Social Environment 1); SOWK 481(Social Work Methods 2); SOWK 438 (Social Work Methods 3); and SOWK 386 ( Social Work Practice with Families)


Lee, Helly

Courses: SOWK 260 (Introduction to Social Welfare, Social Policy and Social Work I)

Research/Clinical Areas: Social Welfare Policy, Immigrants and Refugees


Leiser, Kathleen

Department: Social Work

Phone: 301-738-6304

Office: Bldg III, Room 4139

Courses:  SOWK 480 (Field 1);  SOWK 482 (Field 2)


Okundaye, Dr. Joshua


Schmit, Stephanie

Courses:  SOWK 260: Introduction to Social Welfare, Social Policy and Social Work I

Research/Clinical Areas: Child care and early education policy including federal programs, funding, and data analysis.


Shannon, James (Jim)

Courses:  SOWK 360 (Social Welfare, Social Policy and Social Work 2); SOWK 375 (Social Work and the Criminal Justice System)

Research/Clinical Areas: Corrections and social welfare policy


Ting, Dr. Laura

Courses: SOWK 397 (Methods 1); SOWK 470 (Social Work Research)

Research/Clincial Areas:  Intimate partner violence, cross cultural issues, substance use


Villavicencio, Priscilla

Courses:  SOWK 240 (Information Technology in Social Work)

Research/Clinical Areas: Trauma, domestic violence, and children's mental health


Wiechelt, Dr. Shelly

Courses: SOWK 470: Social Work Research

Research/Clinical Areas: Substance Abuse, Trauma, Diverse populations