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Social Work




Required Prerequisites


UMBC-Shady Grove provides upper-level coursework for transfer students who have completed or are near completion of lower-level course requirements.  As such, only upper-level courses are offered at UMBC-Shady Grove specific to each of our undergraduate programs.  Most students transferring into UMBC-Shady Grove have completed at least 45-50 credits prior to transferring and many students have earned their Associate Degree.  The following courses are required for admission into UMBC-Shady Grove’s Social Work Program:

  • Minimum GPA 2.5
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • English Composition
  • General or Human Biology (with lab)

While not necessarily required for admission purposes, the following courses must be completed prior to graduating from UMBC. Ideally, a student will complete as many of the courses below as possible prior to transferring to UMBC-Shady Grove. Given that these courses are lower-level, they must be taken at an institution other than UMBC-Shady Grove:

  • 3 Arts and Humanities courses (from at least two different disciplines)
  • Political Science or Economics course
  • Statistics
  • Non-lab science course
  • 2 Physical Education courses (consult advisor about exceptions)
  • World Language 201-Level (consult advisor about exceptions)

Questions about the Social Work Program?  Please contact Ms. Katie Morris, LCSW-C, Program Director, at or 301-738-6312. Watch the short video below to meet Ms. Morris.