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UMBC students have the opportunity to step outside the boundaries of the classroom and experience the real world through internships. In addition to gaining valuable work experience, many students may also be eligible to receive upper-level credits in their major.  Internships allow students to network with professionals in their field, which helps in the job search process after graduation.

UMBC serves as a national leader in applied learning, civic engagement, and community-based service delivery programs.  Students attending classes at UMBC-Shady Grove may schedule an appointment for assistance with resumes, cover letters, and internship placements by e-mailing Ray Regimbal, Associate Director of Shady Grove Programs, at

Students participating in an internship are required to enroll in an experiential learning practicum in which they set learning goals as well as put their experience into context by completing workshops and evaluations.


Policies of Professional Conduct for Students - Please Read

How to Get Started - Introduction to Internships and Research

Sample Resume

Sample References

Find an internship outside of UMBCworks? Click here to convert it to a UMBC internship.


PRAC 98/99 (Internship and Research) Course Forms:

Summer 2014 Internship and Research PRAC 98/99 Syllabus

Summer 2014 UMBC-USG PRAC Schedule of Events

Summer 2014 Internship and Research PRAC98/99 Supervisor Performance Evaluation

Summer 2014 Internship and Research PRAC98/99 Timesheet