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                                                                     A Principle Unit Within the Division of Student Affairs



The Office of Student Judicial Programs facilitates student and community development and ethical growth opportunities promoting personal integrity, civility, self-responsibility, citizenship and appreciation for diversity. 

The UMBC Student Hearing Board supports The Office of Student Judicial Programs, and our mission, by resolving contested cases of student misconduct in a formal hearing setting.  The Student Hearing Board resolves contested charges brought against any student or student organization for alleged violations of the Code of Student Conduct or Code of Student Organization Conduct, determines whether the student or student organization is responsible or not responsible, as well as what the appropriate consequences will be.

A student is eligible to apply to be a Justice of the UMBC Student Hearing Board if s/he:

* is a full-time student
* is in good academic standing
* is in good conduct standing
* has completed at least one semester at UMBC

Student Judicial Programs
1000 Hilltop Circle
Baltimore, Maryland 21250
Phone: 410-455-2453
Fax: 410-455-1456